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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Uncommon - DVD Review

It seems that lately more and more of our rights keep being stripped away. Just lately, we have watched our traditional marriage rights between one man and one woman being challenged by the Supreme Court as well as the banning of the Confederate Flag and soon the stripping of more monuments and icons based on what offends anyone these days. Its funny how a difference in opinion has gotten completely out of hand and now rights need to be defended or rejected. None greater than anything dealing with Christianity. It seems to be the one thing that remains untolerated by most groups.

In the DVD movie of Uncommon, Aaron Chase (Ben Davies) has relocated to another highschool, Rosewood High after the death of his brother Chase during a school shooting. As he struggles to piece together his new life, he runs across his brothers journals that speak to him about what he only wished he had been able to communicate when he was alive. It becomes an inspiration that Aaron utilizes to challenge his civics teacher, Mr. Stevens, who feels compelled at every turn, to persecute the Christian way of life. Aaron even goes as far as sponsoring a student led Bible study at school but is bullied by the teacher at every turn.

Now that the school is subject to budget cuts, they have eliminated the theater and music departments which is disappointing to the students facing their senior year and now risk losing their potential scholarships unless they can convince the principal to let them try to put together a show on their own. She relents but only if they can find a staff member to supervise them, which comes under the unlikely candidate of the janitor, Marc Garcia (Eric Estrada). He manages to work with the students if they agree to put some time in at a local senior center that is going through refurbishment and needs all the help they can get. Will they be able to manage through the storms facing them ahead?

I received Uncommon by JC Films compliments Edify Media Group for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review of this DVD and the opinions expressed here are my own honest personal ones. While this DVD deals with the right to religious freedom in the high school, the overall film did not really appeal to me. I found that the lack of concern for the main characters was missing and thus the reason I couldn't thoroughly enjoy the film. Aaron's dry personality was something that just didn't engage me as a viewer and found myself wondering when this movie would end. The only thing really saving it was understanding the implications facing students to attempt to keep their religious convictions while attending a public school from a Bible study to a play centered around a religious theme. The Liberty Counsel which supports the film was the only real aspect of the movie I enjoyed. There are some bonus features like a discussion guide available at the uncommonfilm website and trailers for this movie. I would rate this one a 3 out of 5 stars.

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