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Friday, August 28, 2015

Until My Name Is Known

Some of my favorite fiction novels since I've been a book reviewer are those that take a well known story from the Bible and expand on it without losing the initial meaning. We all know that there is more to the story than what we read and once again, another talented author has managed to do just that. Sonya Contreras has launched a series called Tell of My Kingdom's Glory and in the debut novel, Until My Name is Known, we are transported back to the time of Moses. Not the Moses who was put in a basket and floated up the river, but this was after his killing of an Egyptian guard and now he has be called by God to go to Pharoah to seek the release of the Israelites who have been slaves for more than 40 years.

Those familiar with the story remember how Pharoah isn't about to let them go, because they are the man power capable of building his empire, and no matter how many times Moses and Aaron attempt to convince him to let their people go, Pharoah refuses. After all he has the power of all the Egyptian gods he can call upon through his viziers and priests, so until the threats are taken seriously by all, the plagues of Egypt will continue. I love how Sonya will expand on the outcome of each of the plagues, how they might have been perceived by both the Egyptian people as well as the Israelites who got a slight reprieve from the plagues but still had to endure the first few. It showcases how Pharoah might have perceived his sense of power prior to the plagues and how with the downfall of each, he loses a bit more of his power but also the respect of his people who look to him for their sense of well being. Just like those in powerful positions, Pharoah isn't about to be taken for granted, and until it seems like it all is just about to slip away, he relents, but only enough to realize, he can't let the people stay gone. He has to bring them back otherwise suffer the ruination of his kingdom.

I received Until My Name is Known by Sonya Contreras compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Bull Head Press for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from a free copy of this book, and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. I look forward to seeing what is next in this series and it truly does convey to the reader, that God doesn't want any to perish but to come to know Him, through the many wonders and promises found in His Word. You can tell quite a bit of research went into this book based on the number of resources she refers to in her bibliography to help us fill in the missing pieces. The best part of this book for me, was seeing it laid out as the 10 plagues of Egypt were called down by Moses and how it simply did just happen in the course of a couple weeks. It shows how far God is willing to go to reach people with each plague getting more darker as Pharoah turns in desperation to the gods of Egypt to counter God's power. I would rate this one 4 out of 5 stars based strictly on the formatting of the book. I would have like to have seen it spaced better to help the reader from feeling overwhelming by the lack of spacing on each page.

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