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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hope Harbor

The one thing about our pasts is that no matter how far we try and run from them, they still remain. Such is the case for Michael Hunter, a man searching for answers in a world that seems to have spiraled out of control. He heads to Hope Harbor along the Oregon coast hoping to find a fresh start for his busy charitable work in Chicago. After losing his wife, he is hoping that Hope Harbor lives up to its name. However when he arrives, he finds that his lodging accommodations have been changed due to an unexpected fire and just when he thinks he will have to move on further up the coast, things change. Call it a coincidence, luck or just simply God's way of remaining anonymous, when long time recluse Anna Williams offers Michael a room to rent. Seems she doesn't talk to anyone and Michael has provoked a long seated emotion that has been locked away for decades.

Just when things are beginning to look up, Michael quite literally knocks Tracy Campbell off her feet or off her bike, when he steps out on the street in front of her causing her to crash and lose some of her groceries and sustain minor injuries. Giving Michael a bit of well placed advice to watch where he is going, she rushes away before she has to speak with him any longer than necessary. The news she has for her Uncle Bud about their family business Harbor Point Cranberries. It seems unless they can find a way to infuse more money into the business they might have to sell to companies that are more efficient and can turn a bigger profit than what her and her family have been struggling to do for years now. If only there was a way to find the answer to keeping the family business quite literally afloat.

I received Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon compliments of Revell Publishing and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review outside of a complimentary copy of the novel and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. I think my favorite quote from this novel is simply this, "You know what they say about coincidence - it's God's way of remaining anonymous." This is so true for each of the characters that are joined together from Charlie, the lunch truck driver who doles out Scriptures along with his world famous fish tacos, to Anna Williams who rescues animals she meets along her walks in town, to the unlikely couple found in Michael and Tracy, who are both grieving from their past relationships and looking for a future that God seems to be masterfully orchestrating. Come home to Hope Harbor, where hearts heal and love blooms! This is the first novel in the Hope Harbor series and I can't wait for more, this one deserves a 4.5 of out 5 stars in my opinion and will be checking out Irene Hannon's other novels as well.

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