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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sky Blue

To say I really like Travis Thrasher's novels would be a serious understatement, and I truly believe that somewhere if it is at all possible, we are definitely on the same wave length when it comes to writing. The exception is, he has had his books published, while mine remain shared between close family members and friends, much like Donald's, a character in his novel, Sky Blue, meaning for now, those great novels are simply in my head. If you have honestly never picked up a novel by Travis Thrasher, I would seriously encourage you to do so, especially if you are at all like me and hate books where you can figure things out before the end. Most novels have that uncanny ability to do just that, introduce a set of characters, develop a plot line and then slowly lead you down the path to where you imagine it all might just end up. Not with Travis's novels.

Sky Blue was something I didn't quite expect and since I've been filling the gaping holes in my Thrasher library with his older novels, I was extremely interested in reading this one since the note he included in the book was "one of my favorite novels." I mean how could you not resist wanting to read a novel that is one of the authors favorites. Once again, I was floored by the last handful of pages, because despite where I though this one was going, once again, he pulled the proverbial rug out from beneath my feet and left me flat on the floor looking at the sky. How did I miss that? I mean it's like the movie Signs by M. Night Shyamalan or The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis. It's exactly like when you get to the end of the story expecting one thing then it takes you some place different, a place you didn't even see coming. You have to almost go back and reread it to figure out where did the unexpected turn come from that you simply missed perhaps because the story was so good, you simply missed that exit while you were driving along.

To sum up Sky Blue without giving away the true diamond is simply about the life of Colin Scott, a literary agent who is simply burned out (think Jerry Maguire), and is struggle to find his way out of the same old boring routine and from over paid, demanding, egotistical authors who believe that they are the next J.K. Rowling in the mix. Couple that with his marriage to Jen that is on the rocks while they are trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. With careers that keep them apart more than together, they try for one final vacation to put their marriage back together before it's too late. Then tragedy strikes and the life Colin had hoped would be their future is now lost at sea and he is among the debris. Think you know where this one will end up. Yeah I don't think so. Trust me you will want to savor this one to the end, don't rush it trying to figure it out. Enjoy the journey!

Now if you ask me, I'm going to have a hard time, trying to pick one of my favorite novels from Travis Thrasher simply because they are all that great but in vastly different ways. One thing he has taught me as a potential future author is that it's okay to take people where they least expect to go. If you sell them on the story they will go with you all the way to the end and it will be that greatness you had dreamed it would be. Well one thing I can say about this novel Mr. Thrasher is to pen a quote from Sky Blue where you borrowed a quote from Stephen King, " writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, or making friends. In the end, it's about enriching the lives of those who will read our work, and enriching your own life, as well." You have done that and more thanks to taking your talent and enriching the lives of those that read your novels. Greatness awaits as you put more of your incredible stories between the pages of another brilliant novel. I am a forever fan!

I received Sky Blue  by Travis Thrasher as a self purchase and did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review. The opinions contained in this review are strictly my own personal honest ones. Hands down I would be extremely hard pressed NOT to give this one 5 out of 5 stars but if you read it, I'm sure you are likely to agree with me.

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