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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students

The Christian walk of faith is certainly one of that requires a lot of faith, but also a trust in a God that we, as a generation has never seen. The world for most students who are attending public school and colleges are those in whose faith will be put to the ultimate test, to stand for the truth in an ever changing world that is growing more hostile to the Christian faith. Will our generation of children be able to stand strong in the coming storm? Will they have all the answers they need to defend what they believe? Is there a tool that can help them with the challenging questions that will be asked of them? I believe there is!

Sean McDowell is the general editor for the Apologetics Study Bible for student, a tool I believe will be useful for answering those difficult and heartfelt challenges about their faith and the life that they have chosen. It is designed to help students be equipping them with the truths of Scripture that enables them to articulate their faith. A better way to think of it, is Christian apologetics 101, which isn't about apologizing for their faith, but helping them understand how to defend it in today's growing and changing world.

The HCSB or Holman Christian Study Bible edition offers them introductions into each of the sixty six books of the Bible along with some amazing study notes to provide evidence of the reliability and truthfulness of Scripture. There are also 120 articles scattered throughout written by today's leading Christian thinkers like Sean McDowell, Bayard Taylor, Daryl Rodriguez, Alison Thomas, Frank Turek, Steve Russo, Ryan Sharp, and many, many more that deal with such topics like "Why Are Some Christian's Hypocrites, How Can I Be Sure I am Saved, If God Made Everything, Why Shouldn't I Smoke Pot, Why Would A Good God Send People to Hell and so many others that deal with the kinds of questions being asked by people today that our children and teens deal with. What better way to answer them than with the right tools and scriptures to reference!

There are also those Scriptures that other religions and people try to twist to make us question our own understanding of the Bible, along with 50 Bone and Dirt features that highlight important archaeological discoveries with an apologetics value with quotes from influential people throughout history. There is also 25 tactics to equip students to withstand opposition to Christianity by outlining tactics and strategies for handling frequently heard anti-Christian arguments. Finally there are also 20 personal stories that will help encourage and strengthen readers in their faith by describing how God has worked dramatically in other people's lives and 20 Fast Facts that compare such differences as the Bible versus the Koran, Atheism, America's Christian Heritage, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Darwin's Evolution Theory as well.

This is the perfect gift for your middle school student and up because it is more than the Bible it is a tool that will enable them to stand up for what they believe in and know right where to go for the answers. A wonderful graduation gift for any student of the Christian Faith and one that I highly recommend. It comes with indented tabs to enable quick reference into the Bible, and my favorite is how it is written to appeal to students in each section such as "What is going on here?" helps them to understand why a particular book of the Bible was written and what had been happening in the land as it was addressed! My 16-year-old daughter LOVES having this Bible to use in her youth group and loves the videos that you have access to by picking up a copy of this Bible as well. They have encouraged her in ways reading articles would never reach her for defending her faith! I would rate this one a 5 out of 5 perfected stars and think every student should own one! I received The Apologetics Study Bible for Students compliments of B and H Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from a free copy of the Bible. The opinions contained here are my own. I think our generation of teens deserves the gift of a Confident Faith and this is just the right resource for them to find it! Now for the best part.

Thanks to the generosity of B and H Publishers, they are offering giveaway copy of the Apologetic Study Bible for Student to one lucky follower of my blog, Reviews From The Heart. Here are your guidelines to enter:

1. Be a follower of my blog, Reviews From The Heart. 

2. Be a resident of the US or Canada. Please No P.O. Boxes.

3. Leave me a comment below telling me why you'd love to win a copy of the Apologetics Study Bible for Students and how you plan on using it. Don't forget to include your email address so I can make sure if you are the lucky winner, I have a way to reach you. You can even use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols.

I will notify the winner of this giveaway on October 12th, so make sure you include your email address with your comments below to be eligible to win.

For more information about The Apologetics Study Bible for Students HCSB, Sean McDowell or where you can pick up a copy of this amazing Bible today, please click on the links below:

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To purchase a copy of the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, please click here.

For more reviews on The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, please visit B and H Publisher's website. 


  1. Ever since returning to church, I've been excited about Apologetics and have read many books on the topic as well as classes. This Bible would make a great addition to my reading and study.

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