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Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Means War

You've got battles to fight - on your knees!

From the producers and directors of the movie, War Room, that is vastly becoming one of the most life changing movies to hit the big screen in years, comes a book designed for teens to enable them to see things in their own terms when it comes to the principles of prayer. This is a book designed to be used daily, written in and prayer over because it takes  teens through the process of understanding prayer, what it is designed to do for a believer, how to document prayers, making sure your prayers line up in the will of God, and how to even pray for your enemies, often one of the things we all struggle with the most.

It provides teens with some specifics we might not even consider, such as praying for your career while you are still in school. Each chapter is designed to develop a specific prayer along with some thought provoking questions like on the topic of prayer for your career, how might you generally pray for your career? Then it details and places the focus on what things interest you? What are you passionate about? What careers always looked appealing? What is your specific prayer for your future career? Praying strategically for your career involves, "What do you think is your involvement in this prayer? Whose involvement in this prayer can make a difference? Whose involvement might surprise you? What sorts of resources are needed? What is God's purpose for your career? What is God's strategic will for your career? Then you pray strenuously for a career which includes a place for dating when you started praying for your career? As well as places for date and comments to include what setbacks did you encounter? What progress did you see, when did you see this prayer answered, and finally what factors did you specifically, strategically and strenuously pray for that you saw occur?

The entire book is dedicated to 49 distinct issues facing our teens and how they can watch and document God's divine intervention in prayer. When you see things answered in ways you prayed for, ways that exceeded your prayers or often something you didn't see coming that have now impacted your prayer, it helps teens see that God is always working on issues we pray about and sometimes they are answered right away and often times, they take time to see them fulfilled. The importance of this prayer journal is that it shows teens in a completely different way that prayer does work and God does communicate with us in unique ways all through documenting prayers much like a commander or officer would do in planning for battle.

I received This Means War by Stephen and Alex Kendrick compliments of Icon Media Group and B and H Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from a free copy of this book and the opinions contained here are my personal and honest ones. I absolutely LOVED this book and it was given to my own 16-year-old daughter to begin using and she found it extremely useful She loved the places for dating the items she prayed about and loved the questions that caused her to really consider if the things she was praying for were what she wanted or what God may have wanted for her life. She loved how it helped keep her on track instead of just generally praying about a wide variety of issues and kept her more focused on the issue at hand. For us, we rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I am excited to see the movie and glad to know there are associated books etc to go along with it!


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