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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Journal of Ezekiel Walker

If you were to write a scary novel, I think there are certain elements that are a must have, creepy stranger from out of town, small town, lots of places for things to hide such as thick woods or forests. The last element is to have a story that makes the reader want to inhale the pages as fast as possible to uncover what is really going on and that has to enlist the talent of a great writer who can engage his readers within the first couple of pages. John Zelenski does all of the above in The Journal of Ezekiel Walker, the prequel to his book, Walker's Vale.

Couple this with the fact, he's a Christian author who doesn't spend time being preachy all the way through the book and you have the makings of an all around great suspense thriller, one that finds a permanent home in my wheelhouse. I guess that is why all those movies that deals with the supernatural and paranormal sticks with us longer than all those slasher films. Because I believe, we understand there is an element of the unseen that while we may necessarily see things, we know something else exists and in this case is all about evil and demons seeking to overtake the small quiet and remote town of Walker's Vale, Pennsylvania.

Ezekiel Walker has just returned from his Civilian Patrol Service Unit or CPS for short, which is an outfit that men who don't want a part in the war efforts based on their religious beliefs like the Amish or plain communities served their "enlistment." As Ezekiel returns home to father, who is the pastor at the church and his expectant mother. Everything seems perfect until a tall dark stranger enters the picture, Simon Tremblestone who offers his father the opportunity to help small churches like his that are struggling to make ends meet during WWII. Some say the offer is simply too good to be true, and even though his father agrees to pray about the matter, Mr. Tremblestone gives him a pouch of coins as a goodwill offering.

That's when things take an unexpected detour and Ezekiel finds himself transported to the spiritual realms when he is tasked by a band of angels for a future mission and receives a "seal" upon his hand. All the while as he struggles to find a way to talk to his parents about what is going on, the conversation between his father and Mr. Tremblestone is "sealed" as well when his father agrees to work with Mr. Tremblestone. Quite literally all hell breaks loose and the stage is set for more to follow in Walker's Vale.

I received The Journal of Ezekiel Walker from John J. Zelenski for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from a free copy of this book, and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. I absolutely LOVED this book and would LOVE to see a more deeper novel in upwards to 300+ pages. This is just a small sampling of the talents possessed by Mr. Zelenski. Even though I felt a twinge of fear while reading this one late at night, I know where the battle was taking place. I think he did an exceptional job at his first attempts on this book and you can definitely tell that he has personal experience in the elements of spiritual warfare. For me this one hit a home run and thus garners a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion as I am a die hard suspense thriller fan!

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