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Monday, September 26, 2016

Finding Father Christmas/Engaging Father Christmas

I am so delighted when an exceptional novel gets to be made into a movie, and that is just what is happening to Robin Jones Gunn's novels Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas. In fact since the movie is due out in December on the Hallmark Channel, the novels have been combined to allow the reader to discover how it all turns out in one spectacular seamless story line just as the movie will do. So if you are looking for a wonderful contemporary Christmas romance, trust me and pick this one up.

In Finding Father Christmas, Miranda Carson's been searching for her biological father based only on a handful of clues her mother left behind as an actress. She apparently had a brief love affair with a man who she refused to divulged to Miranda and only upon her death did she uncover a faded old black and white photo of a child in the lap of Father Christmas and an old playbill of her mother's with an apparent reference to who might be her father in it. Since Father Christmas is only recognized in London, England as well as the photography studio's name on the back of the photo, she believes that is the first place she should begin her search. After she learns that the photo studio has long been sold, she struggles for help with those in a small town of Carlton Heath, who may just know where her legacy lies. She only wishes to know who her father is, not try to upset those who may not be happy with what she uncovers and what that may mean to the family who has never heard of Miranda.

In the sequel to Finding Father Christmas, Engaging Father Christmas has led Miranda to the discovery of who her father was and the family she now has the chance to meet. However, happily ever afters seem to be only in the fairy tales, as rumors swirl of Miranda's birth and how that affects the family name of one of London's most influential families. It could spell disaster or it could bring about the only thing Miranda has ever dreamed of and that is knowing that she isn't alone in the world anymore and that she has a family who could love her if only given the chance. Is there more than the love of her family waiting or does Father Christmas have more than she could have ever wished for?

I received Finding Father Christmas/Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased and personal opinion. I absolutely LOVED this book and it reminds me of what I always envisioned for a small town of Carlton Heath set in London, England. Some quirky but lovable characters, heart-warming small town charm, and lots of romance to be found that isn't over the top obvious, even though you know how it might all play out. You want a bit of tension that it might not work out so easily and that you fall in love not only with the main characters but all the secondary supporting ones as well. My favorite was Ellie. You just never know what she will be dressed up as, and she truly loves what she does. It does make me want to watch A Christmas Carol all over again, but more than that, to appreciate the present more than ever before! I'd easily give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Don't forget to pick up the 3rd novel, Kissing Father Christmas due out in October!

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