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Monday, September 5, 2016



I guess you can say the topic causes most people to avoid discussing it sometimes regardless of whose side of the fence you may be on. The movie Voiceless will released on the big screen soon and will address the issue of the churches involvement or lack of involvement regarding such pregnancy centers and how they address the abortion side of the issue.

This film takes us into the inner city where Jessie Dean (Rusty Joiner) who has returned from a tour in the military service and is working out some of his issues he encountered during deployment. He has been offered a position with the New Life church in reopening a Community Outreach center in the hopes of potentially helping the church grow in its membership which is sorely lacking. He finds himself at odds operating the center directly across the street from A Woman's Choice pregnancy center that deals with abortions. When a young girl named Tracy appeals to Jessie for help from the choice he doesn't quite know what to say to her when she asks if she will be forgiven by God if she goes through with her abortion. Since he is as confused as she is, she runs from him directly into the center.

He later learns that the young teen takes her own life and he begins to feel a responsibility for not being able to help him. His wife, Julia feels that Jessie should steer clear of the controversy since the church has not done anything in all the time the center has been operating. They want to avoid all the negative publicity that would come with being involved. Not to mention an elderly woman whose husband began the church no longer attends because it is lacking conviction to do anything to assist the problem in the neighborhood and challenges Jessie to take action instead of merely addressing opening an Community Outreach center that deals with teaching the young teens how to box. She feels Jessie could be doing so much more. Things get heated the more involved Jessie becomes with the center and soon his job and marriage may be on the line.

I received the opportunity to review the movie Voiceless compliments of ArtAffects Entertainment and Icon Media Group. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside for a free opportunity to view the movie in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion of the movie. I absolutely LOVED it because it finally addresses the issue of abortion in regards to the churches responsibility with the community to address it and its apathetic attitude to avoiding all contact with the center in light of the publicity that would be shed on the churches involvement. It really deals with both sides of the issue from a pro-choice and pro-life stance and really gives one something to consider regardless of your position. I would easily give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars and hope it will appeal to the lack of involvement in most communities.

For more information about Voiceless, ArtAffects Entertainment, Icon Media Group or where you can catch this movie when it comes to theaters in October of 2016, please click on the links below:

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