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Monday, September 19, 2016

Scorched Earth

We have all seen what a fire can do when it burns through a forest. The devastation, the charred and blacken remains, and we reflect on just how bad things were for it to burn through the area unstopped. That is the very thing that has been happening under the current leadership of Obama. The America that once was is slowly being burned through from our constitutional rights, the blatant lies of those in leadership when confronted with the truth and facts and how the America that was once great is being slowly changed from within our own borders.

In his latest book, Michael Savage, takes a hard look at what has been happening in our government, our country and behind the man seated in the White House and wonders if the nation can recover from Obama's scorched earth policies? Progressive policies and open borders have poisoned America. Our constitution has been trampled by a divisive president and America is a third world nation of terror, riots, mobs and chaos. Are we simply one bad election away from losing the America we once grew up in?

"We are fighting for our very lives and freedoms. Where there's a one man rule, there's a chance for great corruption. It's very much like organized crime. That's why we in America enjoyed a great government for a very long period of time until it became what it is now: a Ponzi scheme in a criminal empire that runs off one-man rule where there are few checks and balances. Witness what Obama did with the Iran deal. The American people opposed it by a large majority. Only 20 percent supported giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons. Think about that. Where's our representation? Congress opposed it, yet he used quasi-legal maneuvering to support Iran. If that is not a one-man rule, I'd like to know what is."

"Here's a short list of his crimes and misdemeanors: providing arms to people who would kill Americans, whether they are Arabs in Gaza or the Mexican drug cartels; using the Internal Revenue Service as a political weapon against legitimate nonprofit organizations that dared to oppose him; changing laws by executive action, rather than the way laws are supposed to be made or amended: through congressional action - Congress, not the president, is the lawmaking body in this country. We are not a banana republic - yet. Look at the way he implemented the so-called DREAM immigration law: when Congress didn't go far enough to carry out his agenda, he just executive-ordered it into existence." (pg. 41-42)

We have an openly mad president who is doing everything he can as quickly as he can to decimate everything this country stood for, stands for and would stand for. This is the one election that all Americans have to vote for. If there is one man who stands in opposition of everything Obama has done and continues to do it is Trump. The fact that the man is self supported financially means he can not be controlled by special interest groups and Obama has his opponent ready to replace him with Clinton. She will continue to do all he has done and more to help cover his tracks that we all know Trump will bring to light. This is an eye opening look at just what stands to be lost if we fail to take action this November.

I received Scorched Earth by Michael Savage compliments of Center Street Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Groups in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased and personal opinion. I really love how Michael brings to light what motivations Obama has been using over the last 8 years in office and what Clinton's plans are. It is hard to fathom in this day how she is even eligible to run for office. I think we all owe Nixon an apology for his impeachment. Even more important is what we can do as Americans, while Obama is doing all he can to get Muslim support in this election to ensure Trump does not get elected, because he will make American great again in restoring the constitutional laws and rights of our country, our military and our borders and go after terrorism in a bold way. We can't leave this up to chance. Read this book for yourself, and if you're like me, it a great reminder of what has been pushed under the carpet in order to keep those secrets in the dark just prior to election year. Well worth every 5 out of 5 stars.

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