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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet

You know when a novel is going to be exceptional when you don't notice the time, or have many pages you have already read. That is the case with Liz Johnson and her Prince Edward Island Dreams series. After thoroughly enjoying the first, The Red Door Inn, she introduces us to Caden Holt, a young woman struggling with self worth issues as a chef at the Bed and Breakfast now in Where Two Hearts Meet. Caden overhears a conversation with the Inn's owners. the Sloans, that unless they can fill the Inn during the next couple of months, they will be forced to sell it. That means that Caden will be out of a job no matter how much guests love her sumptuous breakfast treats.

Marie Sloan, learns that her Inn is about to be one of a handful to be featured in a magazine and if her Inn is selected, it will be just what they need to keep it open. All she knows from her sources is that the mystery guest will be staying for 2 months and they will not disclose their intention for the visit. When Adam Jacobs shows up a day earlier for his two month stay at the Inn, Caden learns that he is a reporter on a sabbatical leave. Or is he? Could he be the mystery guest they Marie is hoping has come to review her Inn?

All she knows is that she must convince Caden to spend some time with him and ensure that every single night of the remainder of his stay is beyond his wildest expectations. They only hope he might be willing to overlook his first night at the Inn where they were completely sold out and the only other place they could offer him to sleep was the "Taco Bed" over sleeping on the beach. Adam knows if he doesn't find the story his editor is asking for, he will be out of a job. He made a promise to fulfill his contract and now he has been struggling to find the headline they are hoping for to fill the front page. The funny thing is with the way Caden and Marie are acting, Adam believes they are trying to hide a secret that just might be the lead he is looking for. The tables are about to be turned in more ways than one.

I received Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson compliments of Revell Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a copy of the novel in exchange for my unbiased and personal opinion. There is something I absolutely LOVE about Liz Johnson's novels. They are so filled with interest, you don't realize how far you have gotten in the novel in such a short amount of time and you don't want to put it down. I love the chemistry that begins with Adam and Caden. They are both working through self worth issues of their own, while trying to answer to someone they work for. Neither one realizes that for quite some time which makes the tension between them interesting. I love that both suspect one another of being someone they aren't but that is where the story really engages the reader, because you want to know how it will all turn out. This one rates a 4.5 out of 5 in my opinion and I can't wait for more from Liz in the near future. For now, she remains on my "must read" list.

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