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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Note Yet Unsung

It is hard not to pass up any novel by Tamera Alexander and if you never have read one you might just want to pick them up. Not only do you get an exceptional novel, but also a bit of a history lesson as well. In her latest novel in the Belmont Mansion series, A Note Yet Unsung takes readers into the heart of a passion of Rebekah Carrington who has spent the last few years in Vienna pursuing her love of music under one of the great conductors there. She was sent there by her grandmother because for women in the United States, society isn't ready to accept a woman's role in any seat in an orchestra even in private performances. They simply believe they don't have the discipline necessary to be good enough, and while Rebekah would love to prove them wrong, she is about to face her biggest challenge yet.

Coming home on the news of her grandmother's death, she isn't anticipating seeing her step father Barton anytime soon. She remembers the night that he tried to have his way with her but was stopped by one of the families slaves, Demetrius. She longs for a relationship with her mother, but it seems like she is more concerned with abiding by Barton's wishes over the her own daughters. She just hopes to catch her mother home alone. When she learns that her long lost friend, Demetrius has died, she believes she has been dealt more grief than anyone can handle. She also finds out that all of her grandmother's belongings have been sold or given away by Barton because her mother couldn't handle dealing with it.

Rebekah knows she can't stay under the same roof as Barton, and vows to find a job in the city that might provide room and board, even though she dreams of working with an orchestra one day, this will not be the day. When she finds an ad in the local paper as an assistant to the conductor, Maestro Nathaniel Tate Whitcomb, in the local orchestra house, she believes God might just grant her prayers. But as Rebekah will soon learn, a woman's place is not in a man's world and it will have far-reaching implications.

I received A Note Yet Unsung by Tamera Alexander compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Net Galley. I absolutely LOVED this final novel in the Belmont Mansion series, and didn't know how difficult it was as a woman to be accepted by society no matter how talented you were to play in a private or public performance. The term one size fits all does not apply when discussing the vast number of styles of music in this time-treasured art form. Hard to believe that society would consider women too delicate natured for the rigors of practice and dedication required to master a musical instrument in the 19th century considering how they insisted that women play such instruments as the pianoforte as a form of entertaining guests at a party or ball. I even found myself clicking on various websites to listen to the particular music pieces referred to in this novel as a backdrop while reading the novel. This is by far one my favorite novels that Tamera Alexander has written and worthy of 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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