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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Remnant

According to the Bible, we know that in the future Christians and believers in Christ will face the ultimate persecution. To deny Him means you will live, but to acknowledge Him means the world will put you to death. However in the science fiction futuristic novel The Remnant by William Michael Davidson, the world is a vastly different place. The world has always known that most wars were based on religion and thus the need to find a way to reprogram the human brain so that the need for religion and belief in God is no longer an issue. So the governments of the world developed something known only as a super flu the destroys what they believe to be the genes that they have determined to be the biological source of spiritual experiences to rid the world of this type of terror threat.

Each person on the earth is implanted with a device known as a NRNTor Neurological Registry of Neurological Transmissions meaning they can communicate with an individual in a one-way manner by the CTC or Center for Theological Control and locate and track them as well like a built-in GPS. Now they have resolved to seek out individuals who willingly practice any type of faith-like activity like prayer, reading a religious book or even talking about it with others. Those that they extract, they interrogate and then ban them to Catalina Island. Those people are called Abherrants and those that hunt them are known as Extractors and Colton Pierce is the number one man in the CTC.

The government is trying to figure out a way to terminate Abherrants instead of giving them a life of imprisonment, kinda of like the Holocaust back in Germany. It would make those who practice or consider practicing such ideas reconsider if their life is worth losing over a belief in a God that Colton refuses to believe in. Now he struggles with communicating with his own teen son and the loss of his wife while trying to make a name for himself at the CTC for a future position as Chief Officer. He will stop at nothing to ensure that this promotion is his and he will do whatever it takes to look good in the eyes of the CTC. But what happens when the next extraction turns out to be a function his son is attending? Will Colton be willing to lay down his own life for his son?

I received The Remnant by William Michael Davidson compliments of Dancing Lemur Press and MC Book Tours. This is such a great novel and love the idea that the government would attempt to find a way to reprogram the human brain in an attempt to stop the need for faith. A great futuristic novel that is guaranteed to make you think twice about the governments involvement in our own religious freedoms we take for granted far too often! I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. It even looks as if a sequel might be in the works as well!

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  1. Great review! This book does make one stop a think about the government and how it deals with religion. Thanks for being a part of William's tour.

    MC Book Tours


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