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Monday, January 16, 2017

My Valentine

What are the differences that separate the beliefs of Jews and Christians? Does the Bible warn not to be unequally yoked and if so, does that apply to Jews and Christians? My Valentine by Tracie Peterson is a heartwarming regency romance between Darlene Lewy, raised a Jew her entire life that lives with her father Abraham and Pierce Blackwell, a Christian young man who has recently arrived in New York with his father.

At the height of the season, Pierce comes to Lewy and Company with his father to get some suits made in time for the Valentine's Day ball. In order to expedite things in acquiring what he needs over trying to find suitable attire somewhere else, he is enchanted when he meets with Darlene who is trying to figure out just why her father and Dennison Blackwell are having discussions over the differences in their religious faiths. Darlene is concerned because if Abraham leaves his faith as a Jew, the entire Jewish community will ostracize them and stop doing business with them. It will also impact her future as well in the community, not that someone like the Blackwell would have any romantic interest in her as suitable match. The one thing Darlene didn't expect is that she would be caught overhearing their conversation and find herself trying to explain things to Pierce.

Pierce's Aunt has just the right girl in mind for Pierce from just the right family and when she arranges to have them meet at a Bachelor's auction, the only girl he can't get off his mind is Darlene. Even he knows however that unless she is a Christian, there will never be any hope for anything more than a business relationship between them. But will the changes Darlene sees in her father, cause her to consider that perhaps Jesus Christ is the Messiah promised to come by the Jewish people after all?

I received My Valentine by Tracie Peterson compliments of Barbour Publishing and Net Galley. I absolutely loved seeing the various differences between the Jews and Christians in regards to their religious rituals and how they interpret the Bible. I love how the Blackwells are invited to participate in the Passover meal and how they are so impressed by how the Lewy's remember the blessings of God saving his people during Passover. In addition to this novel, readers are also treated to a bonus book, Little Shoes and Mistletoe by Sally Laity inside. This is the story of Eliza Criswell that moves in with her Aunt Phoebe at Harper House after her fiancè Weston runs off with her best friend. She just doesn't expect to fall for someone who looks identical to him while working for her Aunt! Both books earn an equal 5 out of 5 stars in this reader's opinion.

For more information about My Valentine/Little Shoes and Mistletoe, Tracie Peterson, Sally Laity or where you can pick up a copy of this book today, please click on the links below:

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To read more reviews on My Valentine/Little Shoes and Mistletoe, please visit Barbour Publishing's website. 

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