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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Violent Light

People talk about world peace all the time. From beauty pageant contestants to world leaders yet it remains the one thing that no one can seem to solve. So when world leaders send ten Muslims and ten Christians youths from all over the globe to a Peace Initiative Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, they might just be able to do what one one has done before. Without their input, the next generation might just be one of a divided world separated not only by racial differences but also religious ones as well. If these twenty youths can figure out what their leaders can't perhaps there is hope for the future.

Yet something goes entirely wrong when they are kidnapped without their knowledge still believing that they are participating in the peace conference, under some horrific conditions. First they are all locked together, male and female in the same room without any of their personal belongings in absolute darkness until one by one, they all awakened from their drugged out stupor to discover they have no way out and no idea what is going on. Until a group of men arrive and begin to describe that they will be put into teams of two and given particular assignments to accomplish before the end of their shifts.

Each member of the group begin to discuss that this might be a way to force people of different cultural backgrounds and religions to learn what tears them apart instead of resolving to discover peace which is what they all agreed to do. So one by one, they discover something unique about one another, what sets them apart, what makes them different and how they can compromise to ensure they all work together as one instead of letting the fear of the unknown drive them apart. It seems like a perfect plan until one by one they leave the room only to never return again, with stories about where they have gone. Is this a social experiment gone wrong or is this something more sinister? One thing is for certain, people everywhere are watching.

I received A Violent Light by Jim Baton compliments of the author and Create Space Independent Publishing. This truly gives the reader an idea into what causes division among us, from the people in our same families to same cities and countries. The one underlying theme is that we can appreciate those differences in one another without letting them come between us and cause a division that can never be unified again. We see this happening all across not only America, but across the globe where religious, racial and political issues divide more than unify us into the one thing we all have in common and that is being a human with like-minded needs like love. This was not something I had expected to find upon reading this novel which is the third in the Peace Trilogy series and thus give it a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars.

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