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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Deadly Proof

With everything going on in the news today, it seems there are so many subject to make the premise of a novel for inspiring authors. I was immediately drawn to Rachel Dylan's latest novel, Deadly Proof, because her main character Kate Sullivan is a lawyer drawn to help her clients against those with more money to finance a winning defense team. It was always my own personal desire to do just that, become a lawyer to fight for those who couldn't afford a higher price attorney. In this novel, Kate is working against big pharmaceutical companies like Mason Pharmaceutical's, whose products are doing more permanent harm that good to the clients that are prescribed its drugs.

Even though patients can read the lists of side effects, most people simply trust that their doctors are prescribing them things that will work, instead of causing them more permanent damage than they had before. But as you can guess, they also have the financial means to settle what they might consider trivial matters if they should happen. Kate's goal is to ensure that the clients that hire her, are given every advantage to win their case and be compensated in a way that might help them in the years to come. She isn't about to be taken advantage of either. 

When more clients are showing up with the similar issues taking Mason Pharmaceutical's migraine drug, Celix, and had died or been injured, she knows this could be a case that could lead to become a managing partner at the law firm where she works. Something she has always desired. Once the litigation hit the news and firms started advertising to find clients who had taken the dangerous drug, there was a constant stream of inquiries to be fielded by her firm and they couldn't turn any of them down without hearing their claims. When an employee that works at the company calls Kate with information that could blow the lawsuit wide open, things begin to turn deadly.

When Kate calls in a private detective, Landon James, to begin the investigation on the employee who claims that it isn't just one drug that needs to be addressed but more. She believes that Mason Pharmaceuticals understands the risks to some patients that are currently using their products, but the ability to make money makes this a risk worth taking. Landon't job is to begin to investigate whether this employee's claims have an validation to open up a bigger case, and just when it does, their will be targets on all of their backs to ensure that nothing gets out that would destroy the company.

I received Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity. I have often questioned the premise behind this novel, especially when you hear countless claims about certain drugs causing more harm than good. Big Pharma companies are making billions and working with doctors to push these drugs on the human market often times bypassing the required amount of testing and research to be complete. Makes you wonder if we aren't all human guinea pigs to the medical and pharmaceutical industry at large. I absolutely LOVED this novel and highly recommend it to those who love a great mystery and coming along for the wild ride! I easily give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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