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Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Engagement Plot

I don't think there isn't one person who doesn't know about online dating reality shows like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Where an eligible person tries to find the perfect person among a host of suitable candidates and hopefully a happily ever after will ensue. Fans of such shows will love Krista Phillips new novel, The Engagement Plot. Here we have a similar premise as the setting for our novel, with the reality show named The Price for Love and instead of the infamous red roses, the contestants receive gold coins with hearts verifying their commitment to find true love. Everything appeared to be going well for the final two, with most of the audience rooting for an all around honest church loving girl, they aptly named Holy Hanna, after Hanna Knight, the one woman who vowed to keep her integrity and morals intact despite all the pressure to bend to the viewing audience. She was the one, the upstanding CEO and eligible bachelor William Preston asked to marry him.

Only while Hanna was busy making wedding plans in her mind during the two month hiatus that they were instructed to have no contact with one another expect for an off-camera date, while the show wrapped up for the final unveiling. Hanna was hoping she had found the right man, when in reality, when it came to push the shows ratings as well as his own status in the company, Will led both the show's host and viewing audience to believe that Hanna had compromised all her moral beliefs for a quick weekend away with him. That was the end of the relationship and the end of Hanna's heart. She vowed to find some way to look for how she could have been so easily misled by Will. It cost her almost everything and now her reputation has been in ruins no matter how Hanna might have tried to salvage it.

So now, while avoiding reporters, she has moved back home with her father in Minnesota heading home in the midst of what is turning out to be one of the worst blizzards in history and finds a car trapped in a snowbank. She knows that no one will be out here for hours and her father wouldn't even leave a person stranded. What she didn't expect to find was Will Preston stuck in the snowbank almost freezing to death. While she is more than tempted to leave him there, she knows she can't in good faith no matter what he has done to her in the past. That was not how she was raised and now, she is stuck bringing him home back to her fathers house and undoubtedly hoping the storm might be delayed until he can get on his way to wherever he was headed. Only for now, she will have to deal with all the pain she thought she put behind her again.

I received The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips compliments of Barbour Publishing and NetGalley. This is such a great story because you only know it's going to get better the further you get into the book and at each crossroads it appears as if God has other plans in store for the two to be reunited again. Can she risk her heart again for the second time? Has Will Preston truly changed? Or does he have another motive behind his visit? You'll just have to pick this one up to find out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars. This would make a great Hallmark Channel movie!

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