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Monday, November 13, 2017

Murder in Diguise

Wonder what it might be like to have a professor at a college who isn't afraid to stand up for his beliefs? His Christian beliefs that is, and not concerned with sharing his point of views with students that attend his classes. That is just one of the more interesting insights in Donn Taylor's latest novel, Murder in Disguise. This combines just the right elements to make this a must read for all fans of detective and mystery novels, and like most of our well known universities, faith is also under fire from those more liberal in their teaching styles and beliefs.

Preston Barclay is returning back to college in hopes of finding out the real reason his good friend has died. While the police have ruled this a shut and closed suicide, it just doesn't sit well with what Preston knows of his friends character and moral beliefs. This just seems to easy to sweep it under the rug without probing a bit further. Of course to complicate things a bit and to get in the way of an ongoing relationship, Preston is assigned an assistant to aid in his investigation and that would cause most women to be a bit more than just concerned. His relationship with Mara, isn't as complicated as most think. She helps to balance him and sees things from different perspectives because she isn't as emotionally involved in this as Preston is.

What she begins to uncover reveals much more than a simple motive for the death of his friend, but also an ongoing hot bed of criminal activity that those involved would like to see left alone and unexposed. Is this the real reason for his friends death? Did he stumble upon something accidentally and paid for that with his life? Oh things are about to get interesting and Preston has no plans to go anywhere until all the cards are on the table.

I received Murder in Disguise by Donn Taylor compliments of Lamplighter Mysteries and Litfuse Publicity. I love it when you really get into the mystery attempting to solve it before your characters do and this is just the right mystery to do just that. However, I am not the great detective that I always hope I am, and follow the wrong rabbit down the hole too many times. Murder mystery fans will love the complexity of this novel and the way each character creates just the right element to make this novel work and keep you entertained but mostly turning pages as fast as you can to get to the very end. I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This is the third novel in the Preston Barclay Mystery Series.

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