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Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Crooked Path

For fans of WWII fiction and coming of age stories that will have you rooting for your favorite characters, you might just want to check out Irma Joubert's novel, The Crooked Path. We all know that the life we dream of for our futures is often a far cry from the one we actually get to live out. For Lettie Louw, she has lived in the shadows of the girls she grew up with. One to notice the obvious differences that girls seem to intuitively understand, she sees herself as less than. Her friends, if she can call them that, are more beautiful, more smarter and just more of anything that Lettie doesn't seem to have enough of. To make matters worse it seems that all the boys she is interested in, are not interested in her or at least not in the way she hopes. So she resolves herself to spending all her time, being the best doctor she can be. After all her father hopes to hand over the reins to her once she is ready. Perhaps that is her calling for her own life.

Marco Romanelli spends his time living in Italy with his large Italian family. His story is much like Lettie's even though they live in vastly different countries, it is their own self esteem issues that get the better of both of them as the reader is introduced to what will become our two main characters and the roads that will take them to an intersection that will spell out their futures together. Like Lettie, Marco has his hearts set on a girl who may never love him as he does her. She is a Jewish girl and now that the countries are about to get embroiled into the historical aspects of WWII, we know what fate lies ahead for his heart. This will immediately garner a sympathetic desire in the heart of the reader to see these two star-crossed lovers find true love with one another in the midst of a war that will undoubtedly change both of their lives.

I received The Crooked Path by Irma Joubert compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers and TLC Book tours. What I really loved is how the author took her time to build up the characters for the reader. It gives us an idea of what might motivate them through the novel to make the decisions they do, based on their own unique upbringing. This is what ear-marks this novel as something to be savored, not in a rush to finish. We see what affects the war will have on both of them and see what surprising events bring them together and keep them from falling apart like those around them. It gives readers an idea of how difficult life must have been just to survive WWII but to find a lasting love is truly to be treasured. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. This is definitely going on my TBR list! Thanks for being on the tour.


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