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Monday, August 23, 2010


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Ever find yourself wonder if somehow you could have a completely different life? What if you could arrange to switch places with someone who looks similar to you to see things from the eyes of another and the possibilities of a new life as someone else?

In the book Masquerade by Nancy Moser, that is exactly what Charlotte Gleason and Dora Connors do. Charlotte Gleason is from a up and coming, well-to-do family in England who has been promised to Conrad Tremaine in America as a way to solve the current financial crisis her family is experiencing due to her father's infidelty and her mother's failing health. Charlotte lives a live of dreaming of falling in love with men such as Mr. Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice books that she has come to adore and live her life through.

Dora Connors has worked for the Gleason family as a maid since she was twelve and has risen to the position of lady's maid for Charlotte. In the process, the two have become friends as well and when the offers becomes available to accompany Miss Gleason to America courtesy of the Tremaines and First Class tickets, this give Dora the opportunity of a lifetime to become a true lady traveling not as a maid but as a friend to Miss Gleason.

The twist begins just before their ship lands in America when Charlotte gets the idea to switch places with Dora and truly give her the life she has always imagined while Charlotte can begin a new life in America and find the love that has been eluding her in England as another person. Since Conrad has never seen Dora, they both agree that this would benefit both of them. Yet the trouble begins once they each assume new lives in America. Will the past come creeping back into the lives? Will either of them find love in the promised land?

Read, The Masquerade by Nancy Moser and find out what new lives each of the women are about to encounter. This is such a wonderful, and refreshing book that takes you back to the lives of Rose and Jack on the Titanic. It blends so many great classic romance stories together that you find yourself hoping that each of them finds what they are looking for. This book is set in 1886 and the romance that this time period offers is wonderful!

I received this book, compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and have to rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and part of my permanent library. If you would like to know more information about the book, the author and even gain a glimpse into the first chapter, read more below:

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Nancy Moser is the award-winning author of over twenty inspirational novels. Her genres include contemporary stories including John 3:16 and Time Lottery, and historical novels of real women-of-history including Just Jane(Jane Austen) and Washington's Lady (Martha Washington). Her newest historical novel is Masquerade. Nancy and her husband Mark live in the Midwest. She’s earned a degree in architecture, traveled extensively in Europe, and has performed in numerous theaters, symphonies, and choirs. She gives Sister Circle Seminars around the country, helping women identify their gifts as they celebrate their sisterhood. She is a fan of anything antique—humans included. Find out more at and


They risk it all for adventure and romance, but find that love only flourishes in truth...

1886, New York City: Charlotte Gleason, a rich heiress from England, escapes a family crisis by traveling to America in order to marry the even wealthier Conrad Tremaine.

She soon decides that an arranged marriage is not for her and persuades her maid, Dora, to take her place. She wants a chance at "real life," even if it means giving up financial security. For Charlotte, it's a risk she's willing to take. What begins as the whim of a spoiled rich girl wanting adventure becomes a test of survival amid poverty beyond Charlotte's blackest nightmares.

As for Dora, it's the chance of a lifetime. She lives a fairy tale complete with gowns, jewels, and lavish mansions--yet is tormented by guilt from the possibility of discovery and the presence of another love that will not die. Is this what her heart truly longs for?

Will their masquerade be discovered? Will one of them have second thoughts? There is no guarantee the switch will work. It's a risk. It's the chance of a lifetime.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Masquerade, go HERE.


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