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Thursday, August 12, 2010

True Religion - Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth

I have never read a book besides the Bible that would so profoundly and completely change my life more than the book, True Religion, Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth by Palmer Chinchen, PHD who is also the pastor of The Grove in Chandler, Arizona.

To define the meaning of the book in 200 pages is difficult to do but I think it truly speaks to each and every single one of us that know that our lives are meant to include something more meaningful than simply existing day to day.

Here's an excerpt from the book and this is just a couple pages worth, the whole book is dedicated to stories like this one:

"A few weeks ago, I was hurrying to a meeting and knew I needed gas but chose not to stop. I didn't make it. The engine cut out on the freeway. Fortunately, I had enough speed to make it down the off-ramp...but now it was uphill to the gas station. When I ran out of momentum, I jumped out and started to push. Cars honked as they slowed to go around me; I'm sure they were just trying to encourage me.

After several minutes of pushing and sweating and not making much progress, a man in a burgundy minivan pulled over, jumped out and ran over to help me push. "Why isn't anyone helping you?" he asked. I detected an accent.

"Because they're all stinkin' Americans."

He laughed.

We pushed the car up the hill and into the parking lot only to realize that in my hurry getting off the freeway, I had gone right. The gas station was on the left, on the opposite side of the freeway!

"Get in; I'll drive you over to get some gas," the good stranger offered.

As we headed over I asked, "So where's home?"

"Israel," he answered. "I work for Intel." His name was Ariel (which I later learned means "lion of God").

He asked what I did. I told him I was a pastor. He said he didn't know what that was, so I explained I was like a rabbi without a beard.

"You know we worship the same God," I offered.

He smiled and shook his head no.

"Really, we do." I objected. "Last Sunday I even taught on a word from the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) - Shalom."

"You did?" he asked, surprised.

"I did. What does the word shalom mean to you?" I asked.

"Ah," he answered with passion, "Shalom mean everything is just right. Shalom means life is perfect. Shalom means peace is all around us." He paused. " But know this, there will never be shalom in my lifetime, or in my children's lifetime, or in my grandchildren's lifetime. Never."

"I am sorry to say this, but I disagree," I answered. "God promises shalom to everyone who comes to Him. He promises shalom to the Jewish nation. He promises to secure your border and give you peace. And he promises shalom to Gentiles like me who trust Him and turn to Him. Ariel you can have shalom."

He thought for a moment, then said, "Maybe we do worship the same God."

Let me tell what this world would be like to share God's shalom and make the world just a bit more like heaven.

Shalom means men would stop their cars when they see a guy pushing his car uphill.

Shalom means babies in Africa would sleep under mosquito nets.

Shalom means mothers in Haiti would make cookies for their children with flour instead of mud.

Shalom means husbands would never hit their wives.

Shalom means women in Ethiopia would no longer be sold for sex.

Shalom means women and children would never be chained to trees.

Shalom means girls would never be raped.

and Shalom means junior highers would never again sit alone at lunch.

God does have a better way, a more beautiful way. And He uses people like you and me to spread shalom.

So go and live that way.

Tell fathers to love their sons.

Tell people to love each other regardless of race and ethnicity.

Tell families who are financially desperate that God has a way out.

Tell husbands and wives who feel like giving up on each other that God can put love back together.

He has a better way.

He has a more beautiful way.

A way that begins with you...

Begin by taking pieces of heaven to places of hell on earth. - Shalom! (pg 196-199).

I received this book compliments of B & B Media Group for my honest review and if you really want to change lives, start by reading this book and see if you aren't inspired to begin somewhere. I would easily rate this book a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

For more information on this book, the author and where to purchase a copy, click on the links below:

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True Religion: Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth by Palmer Chinchen


  1. I was touched by your review. You made me want to check out this book for it's quality. Thank you.

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing this book!!

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  4. Each day I ask myself at least once, what is our purpose? Why are we all here? There is a reason for it all. This book sounds like a great read. We are all meant to make a difference in some small way! Best wishes, Tammy


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