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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Becoming Me: Diary of A Teenage Girl - Caitlin #1

If you have ever wondered what the average high school girl would write about in her diary, then look no further than Melody Carlson's, Becoming Me: Diary of A Teenage Girl, Caitlin #1 . The reader is taken into the diary of Caitin O'Connor, a sixteen-year old Junior in high school dealing with all the things a typical girl would and chronicles her journey in a diary.

From what it's like with her best friend Beanie, who has been with her through thick and thin, dealing with a father who was addicted to cocaine and subsequently left her and her mother, Beanie is the friend, who Caitlin believes will always be there for her. Until she wonders what it would be like to hang out with the popular kids. When Caitlin is involved with Jenny Lambert, cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, during a honor society task for decorating for the Valentine's day dance, Caitlin, soon discovers that life on the other side isn't always greener. Choosing to ignore her friend Beanie, rather than risk introducing her to the popular group she is now a part of, she finds life is a whole lot different.

When Caitlin is invited to a birthday party of Heather's boyfriend and her parents agree to let her go, simply because she is attending it with Jenny, she finds out that the parents aren't home and alcohol is now flowing. Even though she knows better than to drink at the party, fearing what may happen to her if her parents find out, she nonetheless agrees to let Jenny driver her home, after Jenny swears she's fine to drive. She writes that even her parents have cautioned her against under age drinking, she tells that no one told her how to avoid what to do when a friend is drunk and you have no way home.

I received this book compliments of Glass Roads Public Relations for my honest review and think that both parents and teens should read this book together. It definitely gives parents an idea from a teen's perspective on what they think and what is important in their lives growing up in high school. It provides an outlet that parents and their teens can open discussions up to what they can do when faced with any of this situations and create a more open communication with their kids. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know what is going on with our kids today and what they are thinking.

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  1. I too, was struck by how real the diary seemed. I think it's a great idea to suggest parents reading this book with teens. I truly enjoyed the story, the conflicts, and the resolution. Masterfully written!


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