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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wishes and Stitches

Naomi Fontaine's biggest dream was to live in a small town overlooking the beach. The kind where you can stop in the diner in the morning and have breakfast. Stopping at a table that is reserved just for you as you wave hi to everyone in town that's there for breakfast too.

And that's the very reason why she has settled down in the small, beachside town on Cypress Hollow, to begin a new life for herself, to open up a small health clinic like her dad used to have and be the resident doctor. Living on an idyllic street reminiscent of any perfect neighborhood, Naomi Fontaine has found true happiness. A thriving practice with the local doctor as his partner who is retiring in a few short months. Not knowing if she'll have enough money to buy out his part of the practice, she can only hope the replacement doctor is someone she can work well with.

The only problem with Naomi's dream life in Cypress Hollow is she can't bring herself to talk to anyone. Not even all those town residents she passes by on her way into Tillie's diner for breakfast. Nope instead she heads to the farthest table in the back where she tortures herself with the conversations she wished she was having with the people but instead only dreams of those conversations in her head. Why Oh why can't she find it within herself to just talk to people? Even the knitting she is struggling with, she can't manage to wander her way into the local yarn shop and ask for help. Nope, she resolves to stay in her little world until something changes.

And it does in fact change when Rig Keller walks into the diner one morning. Not quite sure if he is indeed the same person she fell for at a medical convention in Portland, she cringes when she realizes that it is. She wishes she could just crawl into a hole and pull the rock in after her, but when his great rugged looks, and that to die for smile come walking her way, Naomi realizes her life is about to change.

I received Wishes and Stitches by Rachael Herron compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. This is such a great love story with so much extra thrown in, the reader is entertained from beginning to end at just what Naomi will do to finally make her dreams come true. Sometimes she gets in her own way instead of just being the bold doctor she was in Portland. Only the trust that was lost so long ago, will make Naomi realize she's been lost and hiding for far too long and it's time to really start living her life. This one rates a 4 out of 5 stars. There is some sexual content that may offend some readers, so be warned. All in all, a great story!

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