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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Asenath - Review and Giveaway

Filled with all the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Anna Patricio, captures the very essence of the time period in the debut novel, Asenath. Pulled from the Bible we find an unknown character written about in Genesis 41, the wife of Joseph, the readers are in for a delightful journey into the lives of the people in Egypt during the year 1554 B.C. Where the worship of various Gods were still responsible for how the people responded to certain situations.

Here we find the story of a young girl named Kira who endured a tragedy of losing her family and being taken as a captive during the war between a humble fishing village Kira was a part of and a rival jungle tribe. When the armies of Egypt finally rescue her, now an orphan, she is immediately taken into the temple to be raised as a servant of the high priests and priestesses that dwell within.

Kira still remains a humble child with believes that people should not be treated as less than human and it's her encounter with a abused slave boy in a market that will ultimately change her life as a servant forever. Her kindness is both an asset and her downfall depending on who she comes face to face with. Will she be able to find true love and the life she so desperately longs for in as the sands of time continue their assault on Ancient Egypt?

I received Asenath by Anna Patricio compliments of the author for my honest review and being a huge fan of Ancient history and especially all the mysteries surrounding Egypt, I literally jumped at the opportunity. For anyone who loves history, Egypt and a great fictional story written around both, then this is the perfect book for you. Hands down this is an exceptional novel and rates a 5 out of 5 stars.

For more information on this book, the author and where to purchase a copy of this book, please click on the links below:

You can find Anna on Smashwords by clicking here.

Thanks to Anna Patricio's generosity she is providing a giveaway copy to one lucky reader of my blog who enters. Here's all you need to do to enter.

1. Be a follower of my blog, Reviews From The Heart.

2. Be a resident of the US or have a US shipping address. Please No P.O. Boxes.

3. Leave me a comment along with your email address telling me why you'd love to win a copy of this book. You can use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols. I will be contacting the winner of the giveaway by email, so don't forget to include it.

The giveaway will end on December 10th and I will notify the winner by email at that time.


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