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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Tetelestai is a Greek word that means It Is Finished. It is the last word that Jesus uttered as He hung, dying on the cross. It is the singular word on which the destiny of the human race depended and still depends on. Tetelestai, the Novel is a work of fiction by Eyitemi Egwuenu. This fictional account is woven around actual events as recorded in the Bible about the betrayal, trial, crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. It is told from the perspective of the Angels both the fallen and the ones that are heavenly and served our God.

The story is well written and beautifully told from Jesus' betrayal to the resurrection in a behind-the scenes tale of what the angels must have experienced. When you think about it, makes you really wondered what they were thinking when Jesus appeared in human form to die for the sins of all mankind, past, present and future, and die. It was the only time when Heaven fell dark for a period of time. When Jesus went into Hell and gained the keys back to life so He could restore our relationship with God and provide once and for all the payment of sin so we could enter into His presence and share in Heaven's reward and have eternal life.

Being a lover of this type of fiction, I reached out to the author personal to request this book to review and was not disappointed. This book was like dessert to a hungry soul that needed to be filled in a new way, to see things from a different perspective even though it is a fictional account, it is still based on a Biblical account of the events of Jesus. This is the perfect book for someone in need of learning about Jesus and God and creates a doorway to reach them that may be overlooked any other way.

The author provides some interesting details I hadn't considered when a conversation takes place between Kessil, an angel in training under the archangel Michael. Kessil is disturbed at just how mankind has warped the image of angels, both heavenly and fallen. He wonders where we get our perception that fallen angels are ugly, red, and have horns. He offers a different perspective, one that I hadn't considered until reading this book.

"What an insult on a marvel of creation. Demons were angels once! How could they possibly be as mankind has depicted them? Humans have projected their own fears, warped by a distorted imagination and portrayed Elohim's (God's) creation falsely. Lucifer and his demons are not ugly! They were all angels of the Heavenlies once!

They are fallen angels but that does not make them ugly. After all when man fell in the Garden of Eden, did he suddenly become ugly? Did Adam and Eve grow horns or a tail because they fell from grace? Why would mankind think that Lucifer and his angels did?

They are fallen, but they are angels still. Kessil sighed deeply as he recalled how he felt when he first saw this misrepresentation of his fallen brothers. If mankind would exert a little thought, they would realize that Lucifer cannot be as ugly as they have described him. Such a being as they have concocted would have no appeal - no power whatsoever to attract. If Lucifer were so grotesque, the world would shun him, all would despise him - men and women would be repulsed on account of his features. But people love him; the world welcomes him with open arms and broad smiles. Lucifer and his demons are not ugly. They never were. They are always beautiful - always were and always will!" (excerpt pg 18).

One of my most favorite lines in this book is simply this:

"Even the trees understand the music of the wandering wind and still dance in joy to it's rhythm, and the melody of a gentle flowing stream still drifts into the heart of an over-flying swan. "

I received Tetelestai by Eyitemi Egwuwenu compliments of the author for my honest review and LOVED it! I know this one has found a permanent home in my library and will be rereading it many times. This one hands down is a 5 out of 5 stars in my personal opinion and one that offers something more than just entertainment while reading this story. It has made me go back and reopen my Bible now and really read between the lines and considering everything that went on both on heaven and on earth. I am so glad my personal faith is assured and guaranteed even though the price that was paid can never be equal. We serve a most amazing God! I can't wait to read his next book Eastward in Eden!

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