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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Song of Unmaking

We have an author to introduce to you and the kids in your life - young-adult fantasy novelist Dean Barkley Briggs. After losing his wife of 16 years, Dean created a tale his four sons could relate to in their own journey through loss - thus was born The Legends of Karac Tor, a sweeping epic of four brothers enmeshed in the crisis of another world. In God's timing, Briggs remarried Jeanie, who'd lost her husband in an auto accident. Together with her four children, they spend each day grateful for their eight blessings. This series is great for teens and pre-teens.

He was once the greatest champion in the land. Then he disappeared. With Nemesia's defeat, the Barlows have helped turn the tide in the Hidden Lands. But the victory is short-lived. An even greater evil stirs in the north with a fierce new army bent on destruction. As the twins, Gabe and Garret, discover their own special powers, a thin thread of hope emerges: long ago, a fabled king was rescued from death on our world and hidden on Karac Tor. Who is he? Each brother has their part to play. Hadyn must travel north to warn the land rulers, which leaves Ewan with a bitter choice. Will he sacrifice what is most precious to discover whether Corus lives? Even more important, if Corus is alive, can he wake the Sleeping King of legend...before it's too late?

About The Author:

D. Barkley Briggs is an author with a background in radio, public relations, product development, and-for eleven years-pastoring. He and his wife Jeanie, both previously widowed, live in the Midwest along with their eight children. (Yes, we are regularly amazed, too.) Learn more at

My Review:

As I turn the first page past the prologue and start reading, I am immediately taken back to ancient times in another world with gnomes, viks, witches, champions and dare I say an old King from legends long ago! This story bases itself upon the 4 young Barlow Brothers and their father who have somehow come through a portal into this new unforgiving and brutal land. The king of legend must awaken and decide if he shall rule of if Odessa the Vanir who rules over the existing country will rule and he will follow. What of this mysterious Sound machine that threatens all of the world into darkness, and who will stop it before it is completed?
This novel is one in the Legends of Karac Tor series and is a great read by itself! I would recommend that you purchase the first books and read the entire series as at first it took me a while to acclimate to the characters and the story line since it is not the first book in the series. I did love the relationships of the 4 brothers who learn how to come together and take care of each other when times get rough and really bond learning their new gifts as a result of going through the portal to a new time and place. Definitely a gripping story taking you through twists and turns at every page! I loved the book and cannot wait to get the rest of series in the novel to read up on the beginning and the end.
I rate this book on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, a 5 out of 5! Thank you D. Barkley Briggs for creating such a wonderful series and book! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fantasy and mythical lover!I received this book from Glass Roads Public Relations at no charge for my express review only.

Huge Prize Pack Giveaway:

D. Barkley Briggs is offering one of the largest giveaways of Christian Books that I have ever seen on his Facebook page. You can click here for the details of what you need to do to enter this giveaway for a chance to win 48 books from 15 different Christian authors and it's so easy to do. The giveaway will end on November 30, 2011 so make sure you hop on over there and get all the details! You won't want to miss this one!

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