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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Plain Death

I absolutely LOVE it when you find a great author that can immediately get you involved as part of her book from the very first page. To me it's a great sign of a talented writer if they can engage you from the beginning and keep you hooked turning pages as fast as you can read them. Success achieved with the latest novel from Amanda Flower, A Plain Death. This is just one of the many that will soon follow in the Appleseed Creek Mystery series and I can't wait for the adventure to continue.

The book introduces us immediately as twenty-four-year old Chloe Humphrey is attempting to find her way to her new home and job in Appleseed Creek, Ohio. As she is getting her bearings thanks to a GPS device that is as lost as she is, she happens upon a young Amish girl, Becky Troyer being harrassed by two English men. Chloe rescues the poor girl and in return Becky kindly guides Chloe to her new location. She learns that Chloe is heading up the new technology department at the local college and soon introduces Chloe to her handy Amish brother, Timothy, who offers to help around Chloe's new home fixing things. But it seems Becky is hiding more than she is willing to let on to Chloe who has become her new hero. When Chloe offers Becky a place to stay with her, she immediately accepts.

Seeing Becky has some issues since leaving her Amish faith, Chloe wants to help her find a new start. She locates a job at a local greenhouse that would be perfect for her. But rather than wait for a ride, Becky "borrows" Chloe's car, even though she doesn't have a license. On her way to the interview, Becky gets into an accident killing the local bishop. It's here that the novel really takes off. It seems that someone has tampered with Chloe's car and that the brake lines had been cut. Who is responsible? Are they after Chloe or Becky? Well to find out, you'll just have to pick up the latest copy of A Plain Death from Amanda Flower!

I received A Plain Death, compliments from B & H Publishing Group and Net Galley for my honest review and I am so glad I picked this one up to review. I love it when a great writer will combine elements from different genre's and create a masterpiece that will grab new readers and make them want even more. Amanda Flowers does that and so much more. I can't wait to pick up the next book in this series, A Plain Scandal, and for those of you that love Christian Amish with a blend of mystery added, then you will LOVE this one. I personally rate it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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