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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Trouble With Cowboys

"If Dylan had a heart, she was sure it was unwoundable. Made of something springy and elastic that sent oncoming darts bouncing off. Typical cowboy.

She skimmed the menu, unseeing. "That seat's taken."

"Your sister joining you?"

Like she couldn't possibly have a date? "What's that supposed to mean?"

His hands went up in surrender. "I was hoping to join you."

"I have a date."

His head tipped back slowly, his eyes never leaving hers. "Ah...who's the lucky guy?"

"What do you want Dylan?"

He tilted the chair onto its back legs, and she found herself wishing it would fall. But that kind of thing never happened to men like Dylan.

"I have a proposition," he said, his eyes roaming her face.

Her cheeks grew warm and she hated that. Cursed Irish blood and fair skin. She swore he said things like that on purpose. She focused on the menu. On the photo of barbecue ribs that were actually better than they looked.

"Not interested."

"In all seriousness," he said, his voice dropping the teasing tone, "I got a horse that needs help. Wondered if you'd drop by next week and take a look at him. It's my best horse - Braveheart. He's got moon blindness. The vet thinks I ought to put him down." (pg 2-3).

And that is the trouble with cowboys, they rope you in with their kind words, endearing tone and sad puppy dog eyes and before you know it, you're bound up in emotion and put your heart on the line for love. Then they leave you just as fast as they come. At least that was the pattern that Annie Wilkerson had seen in both her own father and the man who left her sister pregnant, both of them cowboys. Now if Annie, can find a way to stay away from smooth talking Dylan, she might be safe but she had a heart for horses and agreed to work with Braveheart on her terms and not Dylans. Too bad her heart didn't understand the plan first.

In the latest novel from The Big Sky Romance series from Denise Hunter, The Trouble With Cowboys takes the reader into a very complicated situation in which both Annie and Dylan have difficulties dealing with their personal past hurts that keep them from seeing the reality of the true person in front of them. They have both vowed to make a commitment to keep from falling in love, Annie vows to swear off all cowboys and Dylan agrees never to get too serious with any one woman to avoid the pain of falling in love again. What they both will find is that God often has different plans in mind and it's only through His timing, that true healing can take place, no matter how hard we may try to dig our heels in.

I received The Trouble With Cowboys by Denise Hunter, compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review. I've had the complete delight to read all three books in the Big Sky Romance series and if you're a Christian Western Romantic at heart with a love for cowboys and the romance, then this series is geared to capture your heart! I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and hope Denise might be inspired to write just one more in this series. The Trouble with Cowboys even blends a portion of the novel Smitten in this one, which she co-authored with many other talented Christian writers. This is also what I would define as a contemporary western because it's based in the present not the historical old west. This has found a home in my personal library and one that I will enjoy time and time again.

For more information on The Trouble With Cowboys, Denise Hunter or where you can pick up a copy of this novel today, please click on the links below:

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The Big Sky Romance Series: 

# 1 - A Cowboy's Touch
# 2 - The Accidental Bride
# 3 - The Trouble with Cowboys

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