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Monday, October 15, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection

I don't know about you, but I love it when my home smells amazing! You can always find me browsing the latest in home fragrance to find a way to keep my home smelling wonderful not only instantly but throughout the month with very little work. That's why I am super excited to share the news about Glade Expressions Collections.

Here's how I came to find out about it. My friend Jacquie and I are always looking for great ways to keep our home smelling great and often compete to see who can not only find the best new scents but great deals as well. Well little did she know about the new Glad Expressions Collection.  When she stopped by my house for coffee the other day, her first comment was the apple scent of my home. I showed her my Glade Expression Oil Diffuser and also the Glade Expression Spray Mist in the Fuji Apple Cardamon Spice. I explained to her that not only can you get something that smells great everyday automatically but also keep your home safe. Not more of those messy electric diffusers that can be hazardous to your home, but something as simple as a snap of a cardboard insert into an oil tray, and the scent diffuses by itself for over 30 days. Not only that but you have a four new fragrances to choose from, Fuji Apple Cardamom Spice, Lavender Juniper Berry, Pineapple Mangosteen, Cotton & Italian Madarin. My favorite is the Fuji Apple Cardamom Spice and my kids love Pineapple Mangosteen for its tropical fruity fragrance and they've been telling their friends as well how amazing the product is. Since I am a BzzAgent I told her about this great new product and shared some of my coupons with her as well. The next time we spoke on the phone I asked her if she picked up any of the Glade Expressions Collection and she told me she also bought the Pineapple Mangosteen as well as the Fuji Apple Cardamom Spice when she went to the store next.

The best thing I love about the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist is how is it is to use. It fits perfectly in your hand and works great for those that need an ergonomic design in their fragrance sprays. It's long lasting and smells amazing!!! The best part of this is when we were picking out our fragrances I happen to have my coupons with me, and while browsing I talked to several women who were also in the fragrance aisle and I told them about this product and just how well it works. The best part is I handed them the coupons and watched as they picked up not only the spray but the diffuser as well. I call that a win-win! 

The best part about these products is they can be found at your local grocery store or mass retailer in the home fragrance aisle. Once you purchase the Glade Expression Oil Diffuser, the holder comes in white or bamboo to coordinate with your personal decor, you simply need to purchase the oil refill to keep the fragrance going!!! It's a lot more convenient to use and prevents all those electric diffusers from running out without you being aware of it.

I received Glade Expressions Collection Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Spray compliments of Glade Products and BzzAgent for my honest review and I have to tell you, I LOVE them and will be using these all year round. To view more product details, visit Glade's website by clicking here. 

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