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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sugar Fork

A few months back I found a beautiful treasure! To a book lover, one of our greatest treasures is to find an amazing book that transports you as you read it to another time and place. It frees you from the cares of this world and takes you away to live another life. That's just what I found when I read the first book Hazel Creek by Walt Larimore. When I wrote this amazing man to tell him what literal joy his first book brought me, he was flattered, and humbled! He then told me that in the fall of this year, the second book would be released to continue to story of the Randolph girls and the wonderful characters you've come to call friends that live around the Smoky Mountains. This is that treasure!

In the second book by Walt Larimore, Sugar Fork picks up right where Hazel Creek left off. The Randolph girls are now being raised by their Pa, Nate, along with their older sister, Abigail or Abbie since their mom died giving birth to Sarah Beth. Abbie is in the process of being courted by Bobby Lee, the Sheriff's son and also living along the 600 acres of virgin forests that the Randolph's own is the gypsy brother and sister, Daniel and Maria, who are helping their Pa, manage the busy farm and family.

Abbie is working hard at raising her sisters, while her Pa finds that even during the prohibition, sale of moonshine for medicinal purposes is still allowed. So he finds that by working with the local mountain folks, he can earn enough money through transporting it to town of Proctor so he doesn't have to cut down any of his trees on his property to sell to the local lumber company. While Abbie dreams of the day that Bobby Lee will finally propose, things take a turn for the worse when her Pa doesn't return from hunting one day. Two her of family's friends, James and Jonathan Walking Stick, Cherokee Indians, promise Abbie to go looking for him come daylight. Now Abbie worries just what will happen to her, the girls and the farm if something should happen to her father.

The villian's still exist in this town with L.G. Sanders, a foreman hired by Mr. William Calhoun, the towns largest financial contributor and owner of the lumber company. They are still in the planning stages of doing whatever it takes to buy the property from Nate Randolph, but he has no plans on giving up the family farm and forest. Sanders has had it out for Nate since the first book and will make sure he acquires the land in any manner he can, even if it means killing innocent men.

There are new characters introduced in this series, one of which is the new town doctor, Wade Chandler, working as an apprentice of Dr. Andrew Keller, the long time company physician for Calhoun Lumber company. Also the Earnshaws, Candace and Luke, come back to the Randolph farm, who are Abbie's aunt and uncle to see how they can help when tragedy strikes along with the world-famous writer Horace Kephart, who's trying to find a way for the Smoky Mountains to become recognized as a National Park which would preserve the land for future generations and secure the family forests from the likes of the Calhouns!

I received Sugar Fork by Walt Larimore compliments of the author himself along with Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster for my honest review. Once again, I've been captivated by a different time and place and fallen in love being a part of the Randolph family . In this wonderful sequel to Hazel Creek, the faith of the entire community will be tested and only a miracle may save them from the ultimate fate. For anyone who loves book series like The Little House on the Prairie, then you will LOVE this series of books. The perfect blend of faith in God and learning to deal with the tragedy's that come with living in 1925 are captured perfectly in this wonderful series I can't wait to share with all my readers. Trust me, once you read the first book, you'll be hooked forever!

I easily rate this one a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more in this delightful series! I know you'll want to make sure that this one goes on your must reads for the fall! Time to fall in love all over again and see how you would weather the storms that are on the horizon for Abbie and her family!

For more information on this book, the talented Walt Larimore, and where you can purchase a copy of this book or even Hazel Creek to get started, click on the links below:

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  1. Oh wow. Awesome review of what sounds like an awesome book. I love it when you find a book that just sings to your heart. I'm not familiar with the author, but I'm definitely going to hunt down these books to read them myself.
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