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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn

Ace Collins is rapidly moving his way up my list of favorite authors in a hurry! Everything I've read of his has been exceptional, life changing and worth talking about to anyone I can! The characters and situations he takes you to are places you hope you never have to visit but once there, you simply find yourself holding your breath waiting for the next page to be turned.

In his latest novel, Darkness Before Dawn, we meet Meg Richard's who receives the phone call we all had to get. Early in the morning, she is informed that her husband Steven, 28, was in a car accident and didn't make it. The van that hit him was filled with teenage boys that had been drinking and he was on his way home from working late when they hit him. Steven was trying to make it home so that they could spend their anniversary weekend together. They were just beginning a new life with one another, looking at buying their first home and now it was if God simply decided that Meg needed a different life than the one she had been planning on having.

She heads to the hospital to identify her husbands remains but is advised that she should avoid it. It seems the accident was pretty bad and his car caught fire. Her friends, at the hospital try to convince Meg that this isn't the way she wants to remember her husband, but somehow she feels until she can be absolutely sure it's him, there is a chance he might still be alive. The only thing she can manage to identify is his wedding ring. That's when Meg realizes that all her hopes and dreams have simply died. Her faith in God is over since she believes God is the one responsible for killing her husband. After all if God is so all powerful, He could have prevented the accident from happening. Coupled with all the prayers and condolences from well meaning family and friends, Meg has simply had enough.

She attempts to turn her grief into revenge and seeks out the person responsible for the accident. When most of her attempts to learn his identity, she finds out he is under age and is protected by law. The District Attorney is still going over the evidence to see if he can even prosecute the case since he has been turned over to his parents for the time being. Meg will stop at nothing to ensure that all the pain and grief she is having to deal with, will be poured out on the person responsible for Steven's death. On top of all this, she learns on the eve of his death, that all their efforts to have a child, means that Meg is now pregnant with their first child. Will she give up her faith or will she see how God can turn even this situation into something good in His own way?

I received Darkness Before Dawn by Ace Collins compliments of Abingdon Press and Litfuse Publicity  for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable one. This novel floored me with all the emotions and intensity of what a wife would have to endure. In fact, I had to remind myself at times I was only reading a novel and now actually dealing with the situation myself. That's how real Ace involves his readers into his storyline. It's phenomenal! I couldn't put it down until I knew how this would all play out. I honestly felt I would have reacted much the same way Meg did and wondered where my faith would have played out in all of it as well. Another masterpiece in my opinion and one I would highly recommend if you're looking for a novel you can become a part of! This one hits home for me with a 5 out of 5 stars! We'd all like to say we'd handle things better than Meg does at first, but until you deal with a loss that great in an unexpected and 100% preventable way, then you find yourself testing your own faith in new ways you could never imagine!

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In his latest novel, Darkness Before Dawn (Abingdon Press), Ace Collins leads readers on an emotionally charged ride from revenge to forgiveness.

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