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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Wings

"When we pray for the supernatural, why are we surprised when it actually shows up?"

What an exceptional tagline that immediately made me want to pick up this novel, New Wings by author Donna Stanley. Ever since my first experience with spiritual warfare novels involving angels and demons living among us in the unseen realm through Frank Peretti's amazing Darkness novels, I've been searching for more just like it. Thankfully Donna has come through for me in this latest endeavor of hers. This is definitely a novel geared for young adults but I found such wisdom between the pages I just had to share my thoughts on this novel.

The story takes us into the heart of Olivia Stanton who has always wanted to see her guardian angel. She prays for it and soon God takes her up on the challenge. Her angel Mike appears to her as a teen driving a red Camaro watching her in the high school parking lot. Not really sure who he is at the time, Olivia gets spooked one day driving home and tries to lose Mike as he follows her in his car. When she runs out of gas, Mike offers to get her some gas and sends her on her way. Over the next few days, Olivia soon learns that Mike is her guardian angel and is sent to help prepare her for the spiritual needs of her high school friends. She meets Mike in her dreams who shows her that a close friend is cutting and if she doesn't intervene, she will commit suicide. It is then that Olivia begins to see how God can use her prayers and praise to impact the spiritual world in powerful ways.

Slowly she begins to see how people around her are being influenced and manipulated by demons as well as angels and just what she can do as a prayer warrior for Jesus who can seen into the spiritual realm. But even Olivia isn't perfect and finds herself falling under the temptation of finding a boy who will love her and fails to pray about it first. She soon finds herself in a bad situation with a boy who wants nothing to do with falling in love with Olivia and is merely a player. Soon she learns that not everything she faces will be easy and that each day is an opportunity to draw closer to God and that the most powerful weapon a believer possesses is their ability to pray. 

I received the novel, New Wings by Donna Stanley compliments of Glass Roads Public Relations and Creation House for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable one. In light of all the teens paranormal novels inundating the book market, I am relieved to see a breath of fresh air in Donna's novel. It does not imply a worship of angels and instead shows teens how their prayers impact the spiritual world we can't always see. In one situation, Olivia's friend Christina asks her to volunteer at a homeless shelter and Olivia is repulsed and afraid based on a situation she encountered when she was younger, but Mike encourages her to go anyway. In the end, Olivia sees the power of what her actions can do to bless the lives of the people she meets at the homeless shelter serving lunch and God gives her the opportunity to see them through His eyes. This is such a must read novel for any one who loves novels on spiritual warfare. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and will be adding this one to my permanent library. I only hope that Donna continues to writing more in this genre. I think the impact will be life changing. I know just reading this novel has already changed my own prayer life.

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