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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seaside Harmony and Sunflower Summer

I've always imagined what it might be like to open a Bed and Breakfast in some wonderful location and that's just what the premise is behind Seaside Harmony by author Evangeline Kelley. In this charming and poignant novel, three sisters, Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold and Sam Carter revisit Nantucket to share once more in the fond memories from their childhood and the passing of their mother. Her mother had always dreamed of one day owning the now vacant Misty Harbor Inn, and restoring it to the grandeur of the Inn it once was.

Now that the three sisters are in their later years, Caroline and Sam feel a pull to resurrect the dream of their mom now that the Inn is for sale and is in need of much renovations. They feel if they can all pool their mother's inheritance money than they wouldn't have to finance the Inn and could own it outright, but Gracie is resolved to not get involved in the purchase because leaving her home would mean giving up the memories that she shared with her husband who has died. Not only that she feels she has found a useful place now that she is in her sixties of being grandmother to her grandchildren. She just isn't ready to give everything up she worked to establish and doesn't believe that Sam and Caroline know what they would be getting into by taking on the renovations and ownership of the Misty Harbor Inn.

However is it possible that with all the history surrounding the Inn and all the antiques found within the home that there is more here than simply renovating and running a B & B in the heart of Nantucket? What about the missing wife of the original owner that seemingly vanished without a trace? Are there more to the rumors of secret passages and rooms than merely being island myths? Is it possible that God has a different adventure in mind for these three sisters at the later stage in their life than they ever dreamed possible?

You'll have to read this delightful summer novel, Seaside Harmony to find out. I spent the weekend enjoying the opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do without spending any money but still have the same thrill that each of the women experienced in seeing this come to life in their own ways. I received Seaside Harmony compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Guideposts Publishing for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable one.

This is a truly restoration story not only as the sisters work on the efforts to restore the Inn to its former glory but also to restore their own broken relationships in new ways. Gracie will need to come to terms that she isn't abandoning her family but merely understanding that her own children need to take a turn at raising their own family instead of relying on grandmother to be a permanent babysitter; for Caroline it will be to prove to her sisters and herself that despite being so free-spirited, she can find roots in something more permanent and for Sam who longs for someone other than herself to cook for and experience what flavors life has to offer them all. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and this makes for the perfect summer novel to pick up to read while being at the beach! Seaside Harmony is the first book in Postcards from the Misty Harbor Inn Series.

If I had any doubts about opening my own Bed and Breakfast, it's confirmed after reading this delightful sequel to Seaside Harmony in the Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Series, Sunflower Summer by Evangeline Kelley. This is the second book in the series and you really need to read the first one before picking this one up. If you love a bit of romance coupled perfect with a bit of mystery than this is the perfect book series for you!

The series begins when three sisters in their sixties attempt to restore and purchase a historical seaside inn on Nantucket Island, something their mother had always dreamed of doing but died before that could become a reality. Now each of the sisters comes to the Inn with their own agendas and talents. Caroline Marris is the oldest but also a free-spirit. She has spent her life jet setting from one location to another writing about her travels and living in England. Her best friend, George is someone she is fond of but has never wanted to ever get married. Gracie Gold, is the foundational rock of the family. She spends all her free time living in Portland in the home she shared with her loving husband Art, who has also passed away and Gracie feels that helping her own kids out raising her grandkids makes her feel productive and useful. Sam Carter is the organizational genius and also has a great financial mind. She has one daughter, Jaime who spends her free time when not in college helping her mother out at the Inn.

Now that the Misty Harbor Inn is officially opening, they are hoping for plenty of guests to help them keep their business running. A newlywed couple is their first guests and they hope to try out their business with them before their official opening to work out all the kinks. However when the newly married couple get off on a stormy part of their relationship, they question whether marriage is the right choice for them. It will take some much need wisdom for an elderly grandmother who has seen it all to help them navigate back to the reason they got married in the first place. Now if only Sam and Caroline could find a way to keep Gracie at the Inn full time.

Sunflower Summer is about finding a place in the world and seeing the different changes that life takes us through. For some, they don't realize what they had until it possibly slips through their fingers, for others its about finding a place where you are wanted and needed and for others it simply about finding their true north in spite of the storms life can hand us. The saddest part about this novel, was I finished it too soon and desperately wish to visit Misty Harbor once again. I need to see how it all plays out. Thankfully the four wonderful writers who created this series under the pen name of Evangeline Kelley have one more in store for those that love their time at Misty Harbor. Thanks to Camy Tang, Barbara Hanson, Pam Andrews and Patti Berg who made this journey possible.

I received Sunflower Summer by Evangeline Kelley compliments of Litfuse Book Tours and Guidepost Publishing for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. Hands down one of the best summer reads for 2013. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and plan on revisiting the sisters over and over again. This one has found a permanent home not only in my personal library, but in my heart as well.

For more information about  Seaside Harmony and Sunflower Summer, Evangeline Kelley or where to pick up a copy of this novel today, please click on the links below:

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