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Friday, May 10, 2013


If I may make one statement about Christian fiction, it is simply this, it's fiction. It's taking a general idea about something the Bible clearly defines and writing a story around that idea. Sometimes when I read reviews about Christian Fiction from other reviewers, the first thing they do is pick the book apart about how untrue the book is relating to certain aspects of what the Bible teaches. Yet what they fail too often to understand is that it's a fictional story not a non fiction. With that being said I have to say Terminus by author Joshua Graham is everything a Christian Fictional book should be. I can sum it up simply by saying City of Angels with dark suspense thriller twist.

The Bible speaks briefly of the Nephilium, a child created by fallen angels and humans that lived in the Old Testament times. Joshua uses just this analogy to create some of his characters in Terminus. Nikolai is an angel who has made some mistakes in choosing to fall in love with a human in the late 1900s' against the laws of Angels forbidding such an interaction. Now serving time for his disobedience to God shuttling souls of those that he believes shouldn't have to die, he grows weary of being a Reaper 3rd Class. When he gets an opportunity to transport souls that should have to die, he feels a sense of justification for this job.

Assigned to his new boss, Lena gives Nicolai details of his tasks. To make sure the three humans follow through on the paths they have chosen, each will have a hand at misguiding many thousands of people and in the process altering the future in disastrous ways. He needs to hasten them to self-destructive ends they have chosen before they can cause incalculable harm. The first is a well known and publicized evangelist, Jonathan Hartwell, the second is Hope Matheson, a suicidal homeless woman, and the third, Lito Guzman, a notorious drug lord. Unsure just what the connection between them is, Nicolai soon learns that not everything is as it appears and begins to question his latest assignment.

I received Terminus by Joshua Graham compliments of Redhaven Books and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and received no compensation for a favorable one. I love books on spiritual warfare and I think Joshua Graham did an incredible job at taking us into the heart of Nicolai. To see how they can interact with humans and the powers that some of them are able to possess. You have to read this with an open mind because there are those occasions where we may in fact find ourselves in the company of angels or being influenced by demons. One thing is clear in reading this novel is that forgiveness can be found in the most dire of circumstances and any life can be turned around if we are willing to seek God. The best part I really enjoyed was the constructs, something angels can create at will. To find out more, you'll have to read this one. I loved this twist on a spiritual warfare novel and can't wait to add Joshua Graham to my watch list. Terminus has found a forever home in my personal library and rates a 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Wow Kat, sounds great.

    Love that comparison: City Of Angels with a dark suspense thriller twist. Having James Rollins as an endorser is a powerful statement in itself.

    I've just raised Terminus up my TBR pile.



  2. Thanks so much for this review and feature.

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