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Monday, May 6, 2013


Seems like there's a serial killer on the loose in the city of San Diego and it's going to take a team effort to find out who it is before they claim their next victim. The only problem is that each of these cases seem to be completely different from one another. The only thing that is the same is bodies are being left for the police to find but each of them is murdered in completely different ways. Is it the work of a team of serial killers or simply the work of one person who is bent on keeping the police on edge?

In the suspense novel, Wounds by Alton Gansky, the game of cat and mouse is about to get really interesting. Homicide detectives Carmen Rainmondi and Bud Tock are finding that bodies are turning up quicker than they can interview potential witnesses. What's more interesting is that it seems as if the crimes are linked and it's up to Carmen and Bud to find out what the missing link is before another body turns up on someone else's doorstep. Is it possible that the detectives are involved somehow? That something in their past is about to come full circle in a completely different way? Whatever is happening, it seems as if the killer has time to plan and carry out their crime and even holds some knowledge about the victim before he winds up killing them.

For those that love a great murder mystery that will have you with a pen and paper in hand just to keep up with the clues, then this is a must read for you. Author Alton Gansky is the Angel Award and Carol Award-winning, Christy Award-nomiated author of more than three dozen books and director of the premier Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers conference and hold two degrees in Bible Studies. This is one novel that isn't overly religious and feels as if you're reading a contemporary suspense thriller like James Patterson or Charles Todd. The writing style is engaging and moves the reader forward at roller coaster pace to see just what lies in the next chapter. Will it be another body or are the detectives catching up? What role does a religious professor Dr. Ellis Poe have to do with anything. He simply wants to be left alone to teach his classes, but when one of his students winds up as a victim, things are about to get interesting.

I received Wounds by Alton Gansky compliments of B and H Publishing Group and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and have not received any monetary compensation for a favorable review. I love television series like Criminal Minds and Numbers, so this novel fell right in line with my expectations. Being one who loves to solve the crime before the end, I was captivated in the storyline until the end. A true sign of a great novel in my opinion. I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and will be adding Alton Gansky to my watch list for upcoming novels. The crime element is pretty detailed at times and may not suit all reader types.

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