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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Matter of Trust

"No one in trouble should be worried about whether they deserve help. They need help, and that's the point."

For Gage Watson, a member of the PEAK Blackbear Ski Patrol, find the lost was just another day at work. Being a former national free-riding snow boarder, this was all that remained of his time as a champion. But that didn't mean that in the world of social media and YouTube, that younger adults didn't dream of following in his proverbial footsteps. With enough research, the things that Gage achieved in his former lime light, he now had to find those thrill seekers before they did something foolish and got hurt or even worse, killed. That was the past Gage was still trying to recover from. The day when Dylan was killed trying to follow in Gage's line along Outlaw Mountain. Even though he tried to dissuade this kid from trying the same thing he had success at, this time, an unfortunate avalanche claimed Dylan's life, but also the life Gage had known. Lawsuits lead to a settlement that cost him sponsorships, awards and his future as a professional snow boarder. Now he spent his hours saving those who got caught up in that fame to prevent another death from occurring if he could help it. He just never thought that Ella Blair would waltz back into his life three years later.

Ella was always trying to convince her younger brother Oliver that his need for thrills might just get himself killed. When she followed him to Montana, the last person she expected to run into was Gage Watson again. He had revoked Oliver's season pass along with his buddy Bradley who thought dressing up as an inflatable T-Rex and videotaping it was the thing to begin their own road to fame and garner some viral videos. Ella knew that Oliver wanted to try the same thing as Dylan had done but this time with success. So when she awoke the following morning and discovering that Oliver and Bradley were missing, she knew exactly where he was headed and who she needed to ask for help. The only one brave enough to find her brother especially when a blizzard was just hours away from them and they discover that a helicopter had already been charted to drop the two off at the top of the summit.

Gage knew that there was no one else to go after them but himself. He was the only one who possessed the skills needed to find two amateurs lost in Glacier National Park with a blizzard only hours away. When Ella insisted that she be allowed to accompany Gage on this mission, she knew she had to convince him to let her come. She could lose the only family she had left and the one man she loved but had never managed to tell him. She was the one responsible for taking him to court as a junior attorney working for a large firm that Dylan's family had hired. She knew that some of the evidence that was uncovered would exonerate Gage from all the charges and even if it meant losing her law license she knew she would need to tell him the truth, if he will let her come with him.

I received A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren compliments of Baker Publishing Group and Net Galley. In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, you should assume that every book reviewed here at Reviews From The Heart was provided to the reviewer by the publisher, media group or the author for free and were received, unless specified otherwise. Since this is the third novel in the Montana Rescue Series, there were some back stories that I missed because I picked this one up without reading the prior novels, Wild Montana Skies and Rescue Me, but I hope to pick those up and enjoy reading it from beginning to end. As a random group of people that make up the PEAK rescue team, each of them has their own novel dedicated to their story as they weave into each consecutive one in the series. In this one, Gage and Ella get a chance to discover the true meaning of trust and also what forgiveness means if they are to have any hope of a future.

What happens when those choices go south? So often we blame ourselves or others - and maybe rightly so. But we also seem to forget that God doesn't stop loving us because we make a mistake or even a bad choice. Some people, like Ella, live their lives trying to do everything right, fearing that if they mess up, God won't like them, won't rescue them. And others like Gage, refuse to believe that God could be on their side because of their biggest failures. Lies. We can't live a life free of mistakes - they're one of our biggest tools for learning. And God lets us walk into mistakes! He warns us, yes, and suggests we stay in his line, but he not only lets us choose our line, but he stays with us if we take our own course. And helps us pick up the debris when we wipe out. Not because we're so awesome. But because He is awesome. And He loves us. Period. I easily give this a 5 out of 5 stars simply because I couldn't put it down til it was finished. Like a great piece of chocolate cake smothered in creamy frosting. It is that great and there is a fourth novel coming soon!

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