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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Captivating Lady Charlotte

My love for regencies came when I first read Pride and Prejudice along with being captivated by the series, Downton Abbey. A time where all the power went into what a man could acquire not only on his own, but through a successful and smart marriage match. If a woman did not have an heir through marriage, all her property and wealth went to the next suitable male figure even if it was a distant cousin. Women didn't have any rights, and in most cases, even those marriage matches were based on accumulation of wealth and title while love was cast aside.

For Lady Charlotte Featherington this is a fate she wishes would not be her future. Being in a loveless marriage just for the acquisition of wealth and title. She vowed despite her parents wishes that she would find a man suitable enough for marriage even if he wasn't a duke. A title her parents desperately wanted for her even if it meant marrying a much, much older man. At least she wouldn't have to be married long for that. When she sets her sites on Lord Markham, a very attractive man, her parents are appalled and try in vain to do whatever they can to ensure that she does not comprise her reputation and be forced to marry that man. But even if it means going against societies rules, she isn't about to let her mother or father tell her what to do.

William, the ninth Duke of Hartington has seen what a loveless marriage can do. His wife had spent her remaining days in the arms of other men, leaving him to deal with the aftermath of catching her red handed. In order to ensure his honor was maintained, he was forced into a duel with the despicable man who has taken everything he worked so hard to attain. Now a widower, all that remains of his former life is a child that isn't even fathered by him. One he keeps locked away with servants to care for her not certain what he will do. All he knows is that he will only marry again to someone who has his complete trust and one who can love him like a wife should. Yet he isn't sure that woman even exists.

I received The Captivating Lady Charlotte by Carolyn Miller compliments of Kregel Publications. This entire series has been a favorite of mine with the first novel, The Elusive Miss Ellison which we see Lavinia and her husband again in this one as she works with Charlotte, a much younger woman to decide what is truly best for her future. Charlotte is unsure of her feelings even if she believes she knows what love is, Lavinia reminds her that is not what love truly is. This novel's theme centers around trust, and in it, both William and Charlotte will be tested to see if their feelings are truly what suits them best, even if it means they may not have a future together. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars and traditional regency readers will absolutely want this one! It can be read as a stand alone but trust me, pick up The Elusive Miss Ellison first and then indulge in this one.

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