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Monday, July 10, 2017

Weddings at Promise Lodge

Spring is the perfect time for weddings, when winter has released its grip on new life just waiting to burst forth. Now that Promise Lodge is beginning to show the same signs of life with a new nursery, new people taking up available property, it now has a new Bishop as well. Bishop Monroe Burkholder arrived just as winter began and soon found love in Christine Hershberger. For both of them it would be a second chance at love since they are both widowers. Christine helps run the Promise Lodge along with her sisters Rosetta and Mattie. Mattie has married Preacher Amos, who seems to question the sudden unexpected arrival of Bishop Burkholder to their small town.

Just as the Sunday Morning service is about to end, a young woman arrives and announces that she has found Monroe and since he ruined her, he'd better make plans to marry her, after all she loves him and plans to stay in Promise Lodge forever. This upsets things between Christine and Monroe as well as Preacher Amos who now believes the new Bishop owes his congregation an explanation, but it will have to wait until things can be discussed between the parties involved. With the arrival of Leola, the young woman who has strong feelings towards Monroe, this really throws plans in the air. When Monroe explains that Leola is a special child from God, and her mind really is that of a child despite her physical appearance, he tries to figure out why she arrived here unexpectedly and without her parents.

He soon learns that Leola has run away from her aunt that was supposed to be caring for her while her parents were in the hospital. Her mom had heart troubles and it will be weeks before Leola can come home. Not to mention that she has thrown out her medication and removed all the labels from her prescriptions so no one can refill them or even know what she should be taking, without talking to her parents. Will the wedding plans continue or will things in Promise Lodge be shaken up so much that all plans will have to be put on hold?

I received Weddings at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard compliments of Zebra Books, Kensington Publishing Group and Net Galley. In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, you should assume that every book reviewed here at Reviews From The Heart was provided to the reviewer by the publisher, media group or the author for free and were received, unless specified otherwise. This is the third novel in the Promise Lodge series which the premise behind Promise Lodge is the three sisters, Rosetta, Mattie and Christine sold their homes and purchased Promise Lodge to begin a colony where spousal abuse wasn't tolerated and peace was part of the program of living here. Seems a far cry from that with the arrival of Leola as well as a new pretty blonde baker who decides that this is the perfect place to start her business. I love how the women are in charge of this Amish community and they have the say in how things are run despite that fact that there are three preachers and now a Bishop living in their new small town. Things are definitely going to get interesting as the pot begins to be stirred. I give this one a 4.5 of out 5 stars in my opinion and I absolutely LOVE the delicious recipes you will find at the conclusion of this novel.

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