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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Healing Love

"She spent over $100,000 and two years in grad school for this?"

Makes one wonder about the novel that they just opened with this one opening sentence. I often wonder if a lot of people think along the same lines as Brooke Endress, the main character in Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery. It's hard to discern what God's plan is for our lives and for Brooke, after losing her parents in a car accident, her and her younger sister Aubrey now live with her Aunt and Uncle, so she knows what it's like to lose everything you hoped for your future. After numerous rejection letters from various television stations looking for anchor positions, Brooke believes working as an intern for the last two years is beginning to make her wonder about her future.

Just as she is about to embark on a possible promotion working alongside a colleague for the television station in a new debut program, her Aunt and Uncle ask if she would accompany Aubrey on a missions trip to El Salvador for two weeks as a chaperone since she is took young to do so on her own. Remembering her promise to do just that, she gets permission from the station to take this trip, counting down the days until she can put her career on a possible fast track towards something worthwhile and promising. The last thing she expected to do was fall in love.

Ubaldo Chavez, has spent his entire life, finding ways to serve God. He graduated and obtained his teaching credentials which most in El Salvado never achieve. He now uses those skills to teach the children when they can attend at school in hopes of giving them that same chance at something better. During his down time, he still spends time bringing food and medicine to his family and ailing mother even though his father wants nothing to do with the fact that he believes Ubaldo is too good to be a simple farmer. He also works for a small orphanage raising young girls to keep them safe from living on the streets and becoming victims of prostitution. He just never imagined in all his wildest dreams he would fall in love with a woman who is only going to be in his country for 2 weeks.

I received Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery compliments of author. This entire story is based on the author's own unique experience serving on a missions trip to a third world county and getting an impact on how very different things are in our own country. It completely changes her life, like Brooke in the novel. Brooke discovers a young orphan child, Fatima, who is too afraid to ask for help when she and her younger sister Dinora, leave home to avoid being victims at the hands of their Uncle. She finds meaning and purpose to her life and wonders if God might be calling her into a different future than she'd ever dream is possible. This is a beautiful story of unconditional love, forgiveness and redemption and helps readers understand the plight of young girls in El Salvador. This one easily garners a 4.5 out of 5 stars in this reader's opinion.

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