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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Simple Autumn

The King family has had a rough time trying to raise a family in the Amish community. Their parents were murdered leaving a large family to find ways to work together. At first, like most Amish communities, whenever there is loss, they rally around and help one another, which they did at first. But over time as the oldest children Adam and Mary grew, they realized they could all work together as one to provide for one another. Adam the oldest son is being looked out through the eyes of the community because he has chosen an Englischer for his soon-to-be wife Remy McCallister. However Remy is a bit different because she wants to learn the Amish ways and works hard to become baptized in the church. Yet it doesn't stop people from whispering and judging them against the old Amish ways of the church.

For Annie Stoltzfus it is extremely difficult to come to terms with because her whole life, she dreamed of marrying Adam. Thinking she stood a great chance at becoming his wife, she never dreamed he would find love outside their community of believers and worse yet, bring her home to become part of the church. Annie now 20, wonders if she will ever find love or will she grow to become an old maid, raising the rest of her siblings and watching them leave and start family's of their own.

Jonah King loves Annie more than he ever thought possible only she doesn't seem to know he exists outside of being simply Adam's younger brother. Even though he spends as much time as he can helping her father out on the farm since needing additional help, he had hoped to find a way to let her know just how he felt. But it seems all Annie can notice is that her younger sister Hannah, would make a perfect wife for Jonah and spends all her time trying to play matchmaker. Will she ever learn just how close love is right in front of her?

In the novel, A Simple Autumn by Rosalind Lauer, we are drawn back to Lancaster County as two brothers in the King family try to find love as they battle their own personal feelings with conflicts with the women they love. For the younger brother, Gabe, he is spending his Rumspringa riding motorbikes until he feels called to the church. But when the local school teacher, Emma learns that he is doing things that go against the church, it may cost him the love of his life when Emma decides she isn't going to wait for Gabe to make a choice between her or his love of motorcycling riding? Either way it may just kill him if he isn't careful.

I received A Simple Autumn compliments of Random House Publishing Group and Net Galley for my honest review. Even though this title isn't available until the fall this year, I've been blessed with the opportunity to review it now and I can't wait for you to pick this one up for a great fall read while watching the colored leaves fall from the trees, to sit back on a crisp night and sit next to the fire for some great Christian romance! I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and just know if you're a fan of Amish Fiction, you'll definitely want to make a note to pick this one up or pre-order it now. While you're waiting, you can pick up A Simple Winter and A Simple Spring now, and get to know more about the people in Lancaster County.

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