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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Sweethaven Homecoming

It's often funny how at times the things we have done in our pasts, our mistakes, bad decisions, no matter how far removed we think we are from them can come back at the worst possible moments and that is how Meghan Rhodes felt as the was being interviewed on the Shandy Shore show. When people become guests, all questions are supposed to be pre-approved to avoid any type of shock and awe moments, but that is exactly what happened to Meghan. One minute she's thinking she's about to be briefly interviewed as a country music star and then perform, but it turns into an expose' on her past.

Just when hasn't someone done something that they would be ashamed of, and when Shandy pulled out pictures Meghan posed for at nineteen, she wasn't at all prepared for how to handle this professionally. She is also asked how she plans of keeping custody of her twins when she learns that her ex-husband Nick is suing her for full custody. Apparently Meghan has been set up but worst yet, she wonders how she didn't see this one coming in advance. Maybe if she did, she would have been better prepared for Shandy's unexpected questions. Now she can only head home to Sweethaven in search for answers and new beginnings.

In the novel, A Sweethaven Homecoming by Courtney Walsh, Meghan heads home in Sweethaven. Michigan in search for answers. Searching for answers for where everything has fallen apart that has brought her to today. Where did things go wrong with Nick? Her children? Even her friends? When had her life gotten so busy that she forgot about the people that mattered most in her life? She will reconnect with her friends again to find the answers she needs before she can ever begin to move forward.

Campbell is heading back to Sweethaven as well to tie up some loose ends even though friends in Chicago don't want her to. She remains convinced that her mother, the one that began her journey of discovery with merely a scrapbook to answer the questions she had about her mother's life. She knows her mother wouldn't want her past to dictate the way she lives her life today, and thus the reason to go back. She needs to know her father and grandfather now, even if well-meaning friends don't see it that way. Even though she knows her father didn't want her anyway, she needs more answers than her mother's scrapbook can provide if she's going to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life and that includes Luke as well.

Lila is still trying to deal with the fact that her husband, Tom is Campbell's father as they wait for their divorce to be final. He still loved her despite the fact he betrayed her. What could you expect when you found out he fathered a child with her best friend and hid it from her for twenty five years. Now she just needed to walk away for good but can she?

The first place Meghan arrives when she comes to Sweethaven is her mom Adele's home. It's where Nick and the twins are and she is hoping to finally begin the process of figuring things out and stop running from her responsibilities. I guess it makes sense it's the first place to start after learning of Nick's latest news. She also hoped to reconnect with her brother, Luke. What would she say if she knew that Luke and Nick were practically like brothers these days?

As a pastor's wife, Jane knew that she didn't feel right if she wasn't helping someone. After losing her son, Alex she knew she had to stay busy. When her husband Graham suggested that she might want to lead a Bible Study class, she wasn't quite sure this was for her, but she could help women learn to journal. It's what has helped her process her feelings and it may help someone else. It would be a chance for them to get together and learn more about God's forgiveness and love, but wouldn't she be an impostor? She hadn't learned these things for herself, had she? Maybe she could finally find a way to make peace with what happened to Alex, and this was as good as time as any!

I received A Sweethaven Homecoming by Courtney Walsh compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and it's such a wonderful sequel to A Sweethaven Summer. This is the story about how each of these women will move from painful pasts to new beginnings in completely different ways. As the reader, you may identify with one or more of these women in how they are dealing with their pasts and hope that lies within each of them to bring about forgiveness and unconditional love. I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars and if you haven't read the first book, A Sweethaven Summer, you might want to pick that one up first to gain insight into the lives of each of the characters you will encounter in this delightful novel.

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