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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Over The Edge

How can you completely forget that you're married? Or that you have a son? Well that's exactly what is happening to Seth Kincaid, the youngest of the Kincaid brothers who suddenly finds himself at the scene of a stagecoach robbery. Only Seth is the one being shot at. When more men arrive from Colorado City with the sheriff, the learn that the only occupant remaining in the stagecoach is a woman, named Callie who was defending the coach against the robbers who already shot both the driver and his partner.

When Seth finds out the woman in the coach is his long-forgotten wife Callie, he immediately picks up right where he left off, carrying for her injuries and learning he has a son, Connor that was rescued by the parson when he left to go find help during the robbery. Now Callie is hailed as a hero by the town for saving the lives of the men from the stage coach but she only wants answers to why Seth left her and never came back. But Seth has been having many lapses in memory and that is why he is living on the land provided to him by the remaining Kincaid brothers, Rafe and Ethan in his own cabin. This way they can watch over him but still allow him to live an independent life.
Only what will they say when they learn that Seth has a family that has come calling for him?

In the Kincaid Bride Series by Mary Connealy, Over The Edge is the third novel that digs deeper into the lives of each of the Kincaid brothers with this one detailing Seth's life a little more. The brothers lives and those of their families still remain at stake when a man is still looking for them, Henry Jasper Duff who he believes has his money that was stolen by Wendell Gilliland. Now Jasper has had to live on the run hiding with his wife Bea, from those that he owes a great deal of money to from his opium trades. No matter how much Bea tries to convince him to forget the money, Jasper is just bidding his time until he can corner the brothers and get back what he believes belongs to him.

I received Over The Edge compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. Having read the previous two in this series, Out of Control and In Too Deep, I couldn't wait to read this one to get to know Seth Kincaid more. Having experiences PTSD from the Civil War, Seth at times has the mind of a much younger man who sees things in a much simpler format, being more spontaneous in his actions and a bit impulsive at times without thinking things through. He also suffers from horrible nightmares which Callie still remembers that border more on night terrors. I couldn't wait to see where the money has been hidden or if there is a stash of money since it has been the conflict that runs through the other two novels in the series and keeps the family's constantly looking over their shoulders for the next threat on their lives. I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and if you truly love a great Christian Western Romance with a touch of suspense added, then you will LOVE this series.

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