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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Difference

What happens when you mix The DaVinci Code along with Underworld? You get Alessandro Tesio's ebook novel, The Difference. I think this author had a great premise but what I feel happened is that it was written in another language and the English translation of the book got a bit confusing. The way the words fall together in the context of how the story flows gets lost by the order of the words. It's almost like this was written in Italian and someone just attempted to translate is directly without reading it through to make sure it made sense and the story flowed. For me, attempting to read it required a bit of rethinking what I read to place the words in what I thought might have been the author's intention and that makes it difficult to read without losing your place in the story.

The book opens with a group of military men sent in to find out what happened to a missing squad of men. All the clues point to the fact that these men disappeared with only their own gunfire left behind which means their enemy took them quickly. Not an easy task considering these men were highly trained military experts searching beneath a castle in underground tunnels. When they encounter a monster sized lycanthrope (werewolf) and attempt to shot it, they soon realize that ordinary bullets are affecting it in the slightest and are only making it mad. As they attempt to retreat, they launch virtually everything they have with them in hopes of making it out alive. But then they hear more of them coming in the tunnels. Using grenade launchers, most of the men make it out alive just as a helicopter appears, but the men that arrive are not theirs.

These two men and one women cloaked all in black are able to stop the one remaining lycanthrope from making it out of the tunnels and while chanting in Latin, the creature suddenly vanishes in smoke, leaving no trace behind. When they arrive back to camp, the men insist on knowing the identity of the mystery team and learn that their history goes back to the Christian Crusades, back to the time of Emperor Constantine. They belong to an ancient order of men, The Council of the Hidden Truths designed to protect a secret that has been hidden in nine different scrolls that now lay buried all over the world. All but one remains to be found.

Along with a military team and department that investigates any phenomenon defined as diabolical, with sightings of strange creatures in more areas around the globe. A specific analysis complete with statistics was made regarding sightings of beings with vampiric and monstrous features. Even though the Pentagons finds in unbelievable, they have accepted this reality and have prepared special squads to search for supposed threats. Now they need to work together with the Assembly of Hidden Truths, who seem to be the only people that can adequately train his men to be able to fight these influences in the world. Can they put aside their differences, and help one another?

I received this eBook novel compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and like I said holds a great premise in the genre now known as Speculative Fiction, that falls under Christian Horror/Suspense Thrillers. I think if this could be revised and looked through with a great editor, it would really appeal to a large market share of Christian Speculative readers who love a little vampire, werewolves and demons along with some great action adventure with using faith in God to help them in the conquest for success. For this reason I rate this one a 3 out of 5 stars.

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