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Friday, August 24, 2012

Twelve Months

Imagine your life being really no different as all your other days, until one day you begin to notice some changes in your health. At first, like most of us, you wouldn't think too about it, probably something that will get better over time, maybe something you ate, or something you did. But then over the weeks it wasn't getting better and in fact it was getting worse. Like most busy people who have too much on their plate, it might take you awhile to get around seeing your doctor depending on the severity of your symptoms.

So you schedule an appointment and the news you weren't expecting, was the news you got. That little thing you thought was nothing, that perhaps taking a pill might remedy, turns out to be your death sentence and now the only thing you can do is find a way to "live" for the next 12 months of your life. What would you do?

Now you have the premise of the latest novel by Steven Manchester, Twelve Months. In this novel that is exactly what happens and we, as the readers, get an inside look at how just Don DiMarco deals with his devastating medical diagnosis and how he chooses to spend his final twelve months of life.

I received this novel, Twelve Months, compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours and The Story Plant publishers for my honest review and I think it does a great job at defining for most of us, what we would potentially do in the same predicament. I know for one, it would seriously make me take a hard look at the choice we've made up to this point in our lives and look at what we can do in just a years time to potentially change some of them, restoring broken relationships, taking those vacations we already dreamed of but never found the time, reliving favorite moments from our pasts, and truly doing something that others will remember us by.

"I've learned that anyone can change the world; you just have to start with one person at a time. I've also learned that not caring what other people think of me has allowed me the energy to focus on what I think of myself. For me, life is like looking through a kaleidoscope. With every turn, a different view will be brought to life.

"I've taught my grandkids that good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who go after it; that a gift within is meant to be shared or else it wouldn't be a gift; and no matter how large or small, everybody's problems are enormous to themselves. Though the list goes on, the most important thing I've passed on is that life can be a beautiful dream, or a living nightmare. It's all about your attitude - your perspective.

But I didn't always see things this way..." (pg. 22)

I think everyone needs a great book like this sometimes to challenge us in our lives because we've grown too complacent, and take the little things for granted. This book shakes you up and makes you realize it's time to wake up and see things with new eyes. God didn't create our lives for us to waste them waiting on His return but to have a life and an abundant one. I think this novel does just what the author intended to show us what we are missing before it's too late! I think this one rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!

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