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Friday, September 22, 2017

Mercy Triumps

Christian persecution.



Any of these three terms, most people on earth are aware of one or more of them. Did you realize how difficult it is for Muslims who convert from their faith to embrace the salvation of Jesus Christ instead? If they are immediately killed by their family members in order to retain the families honor in their own country, then they are immediate sought after by those who now have labeled them as "infidels" by their own religious standards.

I have had the distinct pleasure to read all the novels by Jana Kelley, based on the true life events of three distinct women who now have to face the foundations of the Christian faith, even if it means being killed. From an American missionary wife and mother, Mia, to one Muslim sister, Halimah, on the run for her very life, and the other Rania, trying to keep her own faith from being discovered by her family, all the while trying to figure out how to get out of the rapidly approaching arranged marriage to a Muslim man. The stakes have never been higher as each of these women will have to face just how strong their Christian faith is while living in a Muslim population where there is no tolerance for those who are trying to convert others to the Christian beliefs.

From Side by Side and then to Door to Freedom, Mercy Triumps is the third novel that has documented the lifestyles of each of these women. From Mia who longs for someone to share her faith with, while trying to share her own testimony with those around her, without subjecting her family to violence, jail or being killed. She and her family are awaiting the approval of their passports to return home for a short while but they remain in the hands of one man who believes that Islam is the only religion. Halimah is faced with working in Nairobi after flying from her family who wanted to kill her. She desperately misses them and loves them but knows she can never return. She must be discreet if she contacts her sister Rania, who has been hiding her own newly found faith in Jesus. Perhaps the greatest reminder of what Christians in other countries face is the opening verse, "Mercy triumphs over judgement." James 2:13. This is the central theme of this novel.

I received Mercy Triumphs by Jana Kelley compliments of New Hope Publishers and Litfuse Publicity. This is so eye opening to those of us that live in America where we still have the freedom to practice our own religious faiths and persecution for us, just might be harassment from co-workers, family or friends who don't agree with our own beliefs. This will not always be the case as we watch the slow erosion of our freedoms beginning to slip away without noticing it is happening. Meanwhile things like persecution of Christians in other countries remains a segment on the news if even they care to report it, but we know it is happening on a daily basis without anyone knowing it is happening. I have LOVED this entire series because it highlights just what it might mean to those who are willing to die for their beliefs might just be the ones we want to embrace the most, including those 12 disciples of Jesus Christ who while spreading God's messages to the world, suddenly found themselves being the first of those who would die for their faith in Jesus Christ. For me, I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars and hope others will find the message of hope, faith and mercy in this book.

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