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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Silverton: Claims on the Heart

When Kathleen Morris' father received a letter informing him that he had inherited a mercantile from his brother, they were both willing to quit their new life in St. Louis and make a new start in Colorado. Never one of them was afraid of the new challenges that might face them. Since they were successful in their own store in St. Louis, it allowed them to net quite a sum so they would have something to live on until they could see the condition of the mercantile and determine what would need to be done. They would also need to find a home suitable for them both and hopefully one that would allow Kathleen to entertain gentlemen suitors that might come around.

When they arrived in Colorado, it was a drastic change than what they were used to. Dirt and dust was everywhere and there appeared to be more brothels and saloons than reputable businesses, not that they didn't exist. They were lucky that there mercantile was the only one in town. They were greeted by Martin Long, owner of the stamp mill and a very wealthy man who seemed to fancy Kathleen. Not only was she beautiful but he knew she probably came from well-to-do upbringing. She would make the perfect wife and with all of Martin's wealth, she knew he would take good care of her and her father should things go south in town.

But Kathleen wasn't willing to take any risks with her heart and found a much more charming suitor who also couldn't pass up a new face in town. While buying a hat in the mercantile, Colin McAllister was charming, humble and always willing to help out anyone in need, including one of the soiled doves who happened to take a fall just outside the mercantile's front door. Colin warned her that she would be best suited if she didn't use Blair Street to find her way home or any other place in town. A respectable lady would find more than trouble on that end of town. Now she just had to convince herself and her father that Colin seemed to have found a place in her heart she wasn't expecting quite so soon and that money and position wasn't her reasons for marriage. She wanted to marry for love.

I received Silverton: Claims on the Heart by Karen Cogan compliments of White Rose Publishing, Pelican Book Group and NetGalley. This is a short but sweet novel on marrying for love or money, and how appearances are not always what they appear. She has to wrestle with her emotions in what is best for her or what would be best for her family. Even the friends she meets in Colorado seem to think that Martin would be the logical choice for her and while Colin's career as a simple miner would not be the best thing for her or her father. I love that even though this is a shorter novel, for me, under 2 hours to finish, it doesn't feel that way. I feel like I inhaled this one since it is that good and I didn't want to put it down. For that reason this one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars in this reader's opinion.

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