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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Picking Daisy

When the lead singer of the mega-successful rock group For Granted is released from rehab, spending six months staying clean he hopes to rebound and get his life back on track but in a different manner than he is used to. In rehab, Robby Grant finally understood what his agent meant, in making more money than he could ever spend, he'd avoided his real needs - to be loved for who he was as a human being and he finally understood he also had a drive to make someone proud of him. How to go about that, however, was still a mystery. He was certain he'd never been told he'd done something right and there was a distinct need inside him to discover that place of peace. While he wasn't sure those songs were the ticket, music was his life, and it seemed the only place for him to start looking for peace.

Robby was in his early teens when he started down the path of alcoholism. He was defiant of all his parents stood for, especially his father who was never around. At eighteen, the family had all but given up on Robby, while his brother, Warren, accepted the responsibility of continually rescuing him from whatever scrape he'd gotten into. Warren took after their father, Martin, while Robby was much more like his mother, Jackie. Martin was a military man through and through. He lived for his job and his country and never seemed reachable to his children, or his wife, as it turned out. Robby hoped on day he could be called a man. Only now did he see he'd lived his whole life as a child. It was time to grow up. As his band For Granted, fired him as their lead singer/songwriter, Robby wasn't sure what was next for him, but as it turns out, life is about to take a twist in a far different direction when his Uncle Nick, lands himself in the hospital and Robby is asked to help him out until he is well.

Daisy Parker is trying to find her way through an accident that left her paralyzed to ever ride in a car again and bound in a wheelchair instead. She have given up on singing but still occasionally writes songs in her journal she keeps with her. There were few men who'd relish the idea of taking on a handicapped wife and those who did certainly were not going to show up a her front door. Now she spends her days with Nick whenever she needs something done around the property or house and despite all the encouragement of her well-meaning friends, to move forward, get out, she has resolved herself to the fate life has managed to give up and try and find a way to be happy again. She wasn't expecting that change to show up at her front door in the form of Robby Grant and she knows despite what she knows she should do, she realizes maybe he needs more help than she does.

I received Picking Daisy by Kimberly M. Miller compliments of Pelican Book Group and NetGalley. I absolutely LOVE this novel and love the chemistry between Daisy and Robby. While he may seem to be selfish in what he believes he deserves, Daisy isn't about to fall for all the things that have worked for him in the past. She believes that God wants her to help Robby out, and when he finds her journal filled with songs, he believes Daisy is the answer to his own prayers for a comeback. It's going to take a whole lot more than money to get Daisy to see a different future for her as well. I will hold off on the rest so you can enjoy this novel as much as I did. This one garners a perfect 5 out of 5 stars in this reader's opinion.

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