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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mind Games

Nefesh Bria.

Hebrew for healthy soul.

When Nefesh Bria opens it's door in 18th century renovated building. Some of the tenants are less than thrilled to learn that a mental health clinic is opening its doors on the first floor. Along with a travel agency and art gallery, how does one deal with the potential crazy people that will be walking around within the facility. Some of them may stop at nothing to ensure that this business finds a new place to set up shop.

When Psychologist Natalie Marsh gets drawn into chasing down a young distraught woman, Heather Osbourne, who believes she is following the advice of her great-great-great grandmother who died accidentally when she fell from the properties 4th floor window. She believes if they can exist in the same realm, she might be better off. Thankfully, her suicide attempt is faulted by Natalie and her friends Stewart and Ainsley. Hoping she will get the help she needs, they work on creating positive impressions of their facility within the community.

Wealthy entrepreneur Robert Chapman loves a bit of adventure and has hired Stewart's cousin Drew to take him treking on the John Muir Trail, but Ainsley and Stewart are tired of his boasting how wonderful all the perks and bonuses are of being asked to be the "trekmaster." They believe if Stewart could have those opportunities instead, they might just get out of the financial hole they believe themselves to be in. Ainsley convinces Stewart to get Drew drunk and with the recent string of burglaries in their apartment complex, they can stage an attack that will leave Drew unable to attend. While the initial attack is successful in breaking his leg, the complications from the event, now lead to Drew's death. Without figuring out a plan, they know it will be a matter of time before the police connect them to the crime. They need to find someone crazy enough to do this and they think they have found just the right scapegoat to take the fall.

I received Mind Games by Stephanie Black compliments of Covenant Communications. This is a great novel that takes a bit of time to ramp up and the reader it engaged. About the first 1/4 of the novel is spent introducing a lot of characters and setting the stage, but once that is out of the way, the story line begins to unfold and keep the reader wanting to finish the novel. This is a great novel that creates those moments of suspense where you think you might just have it all figured out, only to leave you second guessing your answers. Truly an exceptional novel once you get the beginning out of the way, hold on and I promise it will be worth the wait. I would give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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