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Friday, September 8, 2017

Unshakable Trust

I've heard it stated that once trust is broken, it can be the hardest thing to repair. That is probably true because no one wants to deal with the "I told you so's!" when it happens again through no fault or perhaps fault of our own. In fact it was the first lesson I learned in my second marriage. I was hell bent on people having to earn my trust before I just gave it to them. However my future husband told me if I do that, you are treating everyone else that comes into your life as if they were the one's that broke your trust to begin with. Everyone has to be given a 100% in your life and you adjust accordingly. We all can agree that once trust has been violated, it is hard to mend those fences. In fact, it begs to ask the question is it even possible to do?

Well in Joyce Meyer's latest book. Unshakable Trust, she reminds readers in how to find the joy of trusting God at all times and in all things, because when we place our trust in man, it will be likely broken at some point because we are expecting perfection and no one can give us that perfection but God in our lives. Even I can agree that I am far from perfect so why would I anticipate that my trust would be an different. Trusting God is the best way to honor God and the benefits of doing so are countless and amazing. I could tell you story after story of putting my trust in God even when I didn't trust myself and have seen the incredible benefits in doing so. In fact God's ways almost defy human explanation. Trust is not an obligation we owe to God. It is a privilege that He makes available to us. When we do this, we open the door to a life of peace, joy and fruitfulness in our lives. It enables us to live without fear, worry, anxiety, fear, reasoning or debilitating stress. God wants us to lean on Him at all times and in all things, not just the ones we aren't getting our own way in.

Since we all have a tendency to be self-reliant and independent, it usually takes us quite a while to learn how to trust God. Part of that difficulty stems from our unpleasant experiences that often teach us that people cannot always be trusted. But God's ways are far above those of people, and His Word teaches us that His character is such that He cannot lie or deceive. In this book, Joyce will show you how to learn to trust without borders and have faith beyond reason. Total trust in God should be our goal. Hebrews 11:6 states, "without faith it is impossible to please Him." Faith and trust are so connected that we cannot separate them. It maintains His presence in our lives and connects us to Him in a very powerful way. Yet we also have an enemy, Satan, who continually seeks to prevent us from enjoying a relationship with God and the life He offers us. Satan tempts us with worry, fear, and anxiety, reasoning, stress, doubt and everything else that will get our mind off of God and cause us to lead self-absorbed lives in which we desperately try to take care of ourselves.

I received Unshakable Trust by Joyce Meyers compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups. The only antidote for these miseries is complete trust in God. The best part of any of Joyce Meyer's books is that she shares her own personal struggles, often times laced with a bit of humor and gives you just the right advice as if your own Momma were dishing it out. It's straightforward, honest, and cuts right through the worlds own perverted self help ways to get us out of whatever we are going through. She can show you how to rebuild trust that is broken even if we can no longer converse with those that caused us to mistrust. She tears apart those world myths that too many of us fall for as well like 'don't assume that because you been hurt by someone that everyone will hurt you!' This was mine mantra for so long. God will not only heal you, but He will restore all those lost years of your life when you place your faith and trust in Him. For that reason, I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and believe that we could all do with a dose of learning how to really TRUST again!

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