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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

No Regrets

The one statement most of us dreads, is that we are dying. Perhaps dying before we have even had the chance to do some of those things we always thought we would have time to do. So what do you do when you get that kind of news, perhaps even personally, or a family member does? All of us wants to live a life so that when we look back, we can see it was a life well-lived. Filled to the brim. A life without regrets. Perhaps those that get that devastating news are the ones living their life to the fullest. Making every single moment count. Because in all reality they don't know when that last day will be. But doesn't it affect us all? No one knows when our last day might be. We might go without any warning or we might go over time.

How can you take the time right now to learn to make the most of your life. To love deeply and unconditionally. To let the past stay behind. Forgive those who have wronged you and for whom you still might be carrying resentment against. How to choose life. To choose joy. To choose love and live a life with no regrets! In Robin M. Bertram's book, No Regrets, she shares her own personal journey of her own death where she began to take an honest look at her life, do an inventory and change some of the things she wasn't content to spend whatever days left, doing. You will learn in this book, how to live every moment as if it were your last. To see things through a biblical perspective and live the way God would have you spend that moment in time. To see blessings instead of disappointments with the things that happen to us and most of all, to participate in a thirty day Love Challenge, which is something of an intentional challenge for all of us. To live like we were dying. How very different our own lives would be.

We have the opportunity NOW to look at our life and make a change. To live a life now without any regrets so when we are facing our final days, we can look back in satisfaction, knowing we lived our life well and hopefully lived it for Christ! It will change your life in ways that will express the importance of living today with greater joy while making every moment really count. It will encourage you to develop an intimate prayer life, to develop a willingness to forgive, to embrace every good gift you've been given with a thankful heart and to live your life to the fullest because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Through Scripture combined with the insight gained from real-life stories with victorious outcomes, No Regrets will encourage you to forgive, to love, to mend broken relationships, and to begin building a legacy now so that when that days comes, there will be a strong spiritual legacy to leave behind.

I received No Regrets by Robin M. Bertram compliments of Charisma House. This book will help you overcome those "If only..." moments, and using the Pillars of Abundant Living, scriptures that will give you comfort, wisdom, and insight during your own personal journey. The Intentional Living section at the conclusion of each chapter are several keys that will help you become more intentional in living your life for Christ and embracing today. The Shareworthy section are text boxes scattered throughout each chapter to expand on the ideas in this book that are worthy sharing on your social media platforms, and the 30-Day Love Challenge is a way to personally evaluate your own love walk on a daily basis for thirty days to get an honest picture of where you are and where you can grow. This is such an inspirational book and one that would be a great gift to anyone dealing with their own personal adversity. I love that this book can inspire us even now to take greater responsibility for the life we choose to live each day, and for that reason well worth 5 out of 5 stars.

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